East London Photography Festival

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You Must Never Leave This Place online

Linda Duffy

You Must Never Leave This Place is an ongoing project that has developed out of a series of conversations over the last ten years. It is the outcome of a process of listening, looking and learning. Of collecting stories and taking photographs.

The stories are of life experience and interests pursued with enthusiasm; of home, family, ancestors and local lore. The photographs, taken in and around the family home, are an attempt to capture a sense of time and place.

This exhibition includes an edited selection of images from the series.


Lush online

Alix Edwards

Can't afford to go to the Caribbean? LUSH brings the tropics to you with a bright, vibrant colour infusion of the flowers and spices that awed the traders who 'discovered' them and are now an integral part of Hackney life.


Luminous online

Nirmala Savadekar

Images printed in alternative processes with platinum and gold


Inside online

Mandy Williams

‘Inside’ is a series of still video images. The work, which was shot from the street at dusk over a period of two months, explores the idea of home as a sanctuary, retreat or cell. It captures people, self-contained in their routines at the end of the day, as similar repetitions play out across the city. It is inspired by Bachelard’s Poetics of Space and the lit house as a beacon, hut, and refuge and Derek Jarmans’ video ‘Journey to Avebury’ where a lyrical approach to landscape highlights the mystical and ritual elements of place.


Paul Trevor Online Book Launch online

Paul Trevor

Online book launch of Paul Trevor's EYE POD, a book dummy capturing his experience on the iconic London Eye. Undertaken in the Eye's first year of operation, the complete project can be seen for the first time. The launch coincides with the 10th anniversary of this new London landmark.

Paul Trevor can be contacted at

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