East London Photography Festival

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Dilston Grove

Soutwark Park, SE16 2DD

Canada Water, Surrey Quays

Mon - Sun, 10am - 4pm

12 Nov - 21 Nov


If you are a photographer by day or night, if you are a professional, a student or just a hobbyist and would like to share your view of the world with others through your work this is a show for you. For anyone who would like to participate in the exhibition all you have to do is come to Dilston Grove on Friday November 12 (9-4pm) or Saturday November 13 (9-12pm) with your photographs and hang them yourself.

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London Photographic Association & Gallery 1839

020 8392 8557

The Assembly Rooms, 8 Silver Place, W1F 0JU

Oxford Circus/Picadilly Circus tube

Mon-Fri 10am-5pm

06 Oct - 19 Nov

Strange Bedfellows 1 & 2 - off limits

Alissa Alberne, Chris Bucher, Chan-Hyo Bae, John Ferguson, Darlaine Honey, Lea Golda Holterman, Lydia Goldblatt, Sue Golden, Karen Kapoor, George Kavanagh, David Knight, Ginger Lui, Georgina McNamara, Sukey Parnell, Judah Passow, Russ Quackenbush, Claudio Rasano, Alessandro Saponi, Ilya Van Marle, Sophia Wallace plus others

In 'Strange Bedfellows' 1 & 2 the tapestry of life is exposed in all its fragmented complexities. Here the quotidian mixes with the topical, the enigmatic with the provocative. This conceptual, eclectic mix of international photographers’ images, chosen by an artist, presents unions exploring the contrasts and disparities, the illusions and realities of the Zeitgeist. It forms a striking exhibition, in two parts, that reveals the poignant, the paradoxical and the absurd.

Images have been selected from the fine art, commercial and established photographers’ collections at the London Photographic Association and Gallery 1839.

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020 7738 5774

17a Electric Lane, SW9 8LA

Brixton tube

Tues-Sat 10am-6pm

30 Sep - 20 Nov


Sunara Begum

Ara is a new exhibition by the contemporary visual artist and filmmaker Sunara Begum that explores the world of a mythical figure and icon called Ara. The exhibition includes photography, film and installation, which opens a dialogue between the old world and the new.

Ara is a symbolic character who lives between worlds and embodies the journey of displacement from homeland to the diasporic experience. She is an illusive figure who moves through time and space with a shadowy presence of a bygone era. Reflecting on her beginnings through dreams and memories, Ara travels the path that lies beyond tradition.


01 Oct - 26 Nov

Guantanamo: If the Light Goes Out/ Letters to Omar

Edmund Clark

Edmund Clark is best known for his powerful, thoughtful and beautiful images exploring the consequences of control and incarceration. "Guantanamo: If the light goes out" illustrates three experiences of home: the naval base at Guantanamo, the complex of camps where the detainees have been held, and the homes where former detainees now find themselves trying to rebuild their lives. "Letters to Omar" is a selection of cards and letters sent to Brighton resident Omar Deghayes during his five years of captivity. Together, these two projects create a sense of the hardship and isolation these innocent men endured.


06 Oct - 8pm

Voyage: A Retrospective

Phil Maxwell & Hazuan Hashim

Filmakers Phil Maxwell and Hazuan Hashim and muscian Lola Perrin present a retrospective of works created over the past five years and performed around the world.


11 Oct - 24 Oct

Thames Barrier to Teddington

Various - documentary project running from end of July-end of September on in partnership with Shoot Experience. Open to all. Best pictures will be picked for exhibition.

Documenting the river from Thames Barrier to Teddington: The Second Londonist Photography Challenge.

We will create an interactive map of the photos along the banks of the river and capture a diverse composite snapshot of the River Thames in 2010, as seen through Londoners' camera lenses.

Run by Londonist in partnership with Shoot Experience


16 Oct - 30 Nov - Monday - Sunday 11am -7pm and by appointment

Young Masters at the Courtauld presented by The Cynthia Corbett Gallery

LLuis Barba

LluĂ­s Barba modernizes the Old Masters by displacing the original narrative with contemporary characters simultaneously shocking and delighting the viewer.
The exhibition coincides with the 2010-2011 exhibition Exhibitionism.


20 Oct - 31 Oct

London Independent Photography 22nd Annual Exhibition

Various photographers from London Independent Photography (LIP)

London Independent Photography is a community organisation for amateur and professional photographers with more than 500 members. Our activities are designed to bring together photographers with different interests and levels of expertise who wish to develop their personal approach to photography, improve their skills and gain recognition for their work.

The LIP Annual Exhibition provides a platform for members to exhibit their best work from the previous year.

Our exhibition selectors this year come from the very heart of London's photographic community: Lucinda Chua (Proud Central) and Paul Ellis (Photofusion).


22 Oct - 23 Oct

Room 16: A Place to Stay

Sayed Hasan

Where do you go if you need a place to stay in the city? There is no one around to put you up or you want your own space, would like your own key. For the short time you are in the city you want to come and go as you please.

'Room 16: A Place to Stay' is a temporary installation of photographic work based on Sayed Hasan's experiences of living in a South East London hostel, the New Cross Inn. This intimate exhibition is situated in the very room he occupied.

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