East London Photography Festival

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The 12 Gallery

0208 981 8657

12 Vyner street, E2 9DG

Bethnal Green Tube

Via appointment only

09 Oct - 29 Oct - Preview on the 9th October at 17.00-21.00

Chapter 1 - Origins and Approaches

Annabelle Dalby, Lucy Steggals

This collaborative show at The 12 Gallery explores and questions existing modes of collecting & archiving.
These perpetual editing decisions are an intrinsic part of life and are very telling, exposing our desire to modulate our reality to project a preferred version.
Dalby & Steggals are appropriating objects and images from their own collections to create an alterior archive. Using their individual approaches; Dalby sensitively re-presents existing photographs to highlight that which we may have missed; Steggals appropriates and maniplulates imagery to weave alternative fictions. By combining the two they have made a series of works that resonate with compelling narratives.

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Amnesty International

020 7033 1500

17-25 New Inn Yard, EC2A 3EA

Liverpool Street, Old Street tube

Mon-Fri 9am-6pm

30 Sep - 13 Oct

Even though I'm free, I am not

James Mackay

More than 160 former political prisoners from around the world, including inside Burma, were photographed and interviewed for this project, coming together to raise awareness for their colleagues who remain in jail. The work won several awards in 2009 including the ‘Prix de la Photographie”, Paris. Images from the project have been published in international magazines and newspapers including The New York Times and the British Journal of Photography.


01 Nov - 12 Nov


Children of Wadi Al Na’am and photojournalist Silvia Boarini

A series of startling and moving images documenting the harsh reality of life for Israel's Negev Bedouins living in the unrecognized village of Wadi Al Na’am. The exhibition brings together the work of Israeli NGO "Negev Coexistence Forum for Civil Equality" (NCF) which has been running a participatory photography programme for young people in the village led by designer Ilan Molcho, and London based photojournalist Silvia Boarini.

The photographs shed light on daily life in this harsh environment, documenting the unresolved status of the people, and the impact of government policies on their daily lives.


04 Nov - 7.00pm

Can participatory photography change lives?

The panel will discuss the way that participatory photography projects can empower disadvantaged communities, and will look at some of the challenges and tensions involved.
Designer Ilan Molcho has been running photography workshops in the unrecognized Bedouin village of Wadi Al Na'am in Southern Israel for two years. By introducing children to the art of photography, the project nurtures their creative skills and allows them to share their view of their community, family and the daily hardships they face
Jane Martin, is programme manager for Photovoice, a UK based organization which has worked with partners to create 50 participatory photography projects in 23 countries worldwide
Photovoice photographer Ben Thomas has been working with Amnesty International in Paraguay with a community of indigenous people who face expulsion from their ancestral land
Janice McLaren (chair) is head of education & projects at the Photographers’ Gallery


16 Nov - 30 Nov

Amnesty International Media Awards 2010

Robin Hammond Kate Holt Giles Duley

Robin Hammond’s expose of the garment industry in Lesotho is a brilliant example of campaigning photojournalism. His exposure of the environmental and human destruction being caused by the processes of the garment industry caused Gap and Levi to make swift and wide reaching changes to their operations in the country. Kate Holt worked under constant police surveillance to document the struggle of elderly people to survive in Zimbabwe as the economy collapsed around them. Giles Duley documented the work of the Acid Burns Survivors Foundation in Bangladesh, highlighting the brutal reality of this crime to audiences in Dhaka and London.


23 Nov - 7.00pm

Does the Camera Ever Lie?

In 1906, Mark Twain wrote about the role of the ‘incorruptible kodak – the only witness that couldn’t be bribed’ - in exposing human rights atrocities in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Since that time, photographers have played a crucial role in bringing to light many of the world’s unseen human rights tragedies, but how trustworthy are their images?

This discussion will question to what extent photojournalists are influenced to give a particular perspective on a situation by the organizations that commission them, whether NGOs or media organizations, and how far they allow their own personal views on a situation to dictate the images they produce.

Does the drive to find the iconic image result in the photographer misrepresenting what is doubtless a complex situation? And are the images which come to represent a whole country or moment in history giving a biased perspective to the viewer?

The panel includes:

Colin Jacobson, photo editor for major publications including the Independent Magazine; critic and founder of Reportage Magazine; author of books and articles on photography; professor of photojournalism at Westminster University.
Susan Schulman, freelance photographer specialising in editorial and documentary work; has worked for organisations, such as the World Food Programme and Red Cross; published widely in periodical and broadsheet publications; winner of this year’s Amnesty International Media Award for GQ piece ‘Congo: the horror’.
Sean Smith, staff photographer with the Guardian; was embedded with troops in Iraq and Afghanistan - work in Iraq won him a Royal Television Society award, the British Press Photographers' Association award for multimedia journalism and the British Press Awards digital journalist of the year prize.
Marcus Bleasdale, award winning photojournalist known for his work on human rights and conflict. His images have been published across the world in a wide range of publications - New York Times, Sunday Times Magazine, Telegraph Magazine, Le Monde, TIME Magazine, and National Geographic; author of two books "One Hundred Years of Darkness" 2002 and "The Rape of a Nation" 2009.

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AOP Gallery

020 7749 4381

Association of Photographers, 81 Leonard Street, EC2A 4QS

Old Street Exit 4, Liverpool Street tube, Buses 48, 26, 388, 8, 55, 271, 242, 141

Mon-Fri 10am-6pm, Occasional Sat 12-4pm

21 Sep - 28 Oct

AOP Photographers Awards 2010 Exhibition

Various photographers

The AOP Photographers Awards are an annual celebration of the exceptional talent that exists within the Association of Photographers Full & Provisional Membership. This year’s exhibition showcases the best personal and commissioned images produced over the last eighteen months. The quality of the images reflects the growing creativity and diversity of the AOP membership.

05 Oct - 15 Oct

The AOP Photographers Awards 2010

The AOP Photographers Awards are an annual celebration of the exceptional talent that exists within the Association of Photographers Full & Provisional Membership. This year’s exhibition showcases the best personal and commissioned images produced over the last eighteen months. The quality of the images reflects the growing creativity and diversity of the AOP membership.

01 Nov - 06 Nov

The BJP International Photography Award

The British Journal of Photography’s International Photography Award is back, from 1 - 6 November. Open to submissions from any photographers, anywhere in the world, it attracts extremely high-quality work. This image, of an exercise yard in the Guantanamo Bay detention centre, is taken from a project by Edmund Clarke, which one first prize in the body of work category last year. The single image prize was won by VII mentor Guilio di Sturco. Images from both categories in the 2010 award will be on show.

16 Nov - 25 Nov

The AOP Assistants Awards 2010

The AOP Assistants Awards annually showcases the best images from the next generation of professional photographers. It is accompanied by an exhibition showcasing the Assistants’ winning images.


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Apiary Studios (The Hackney Rose)

020 7033 6806

458 Hackney Road, E2 9EG

Cambridge Heath (Rail) and Bethnal Green (Tube)

Mon - Friday, 10am - 6pm

22 Oct - 14 Nov - 7 pm

Overexposed City

Poulomi Basu, Briony Campbell, Marcia Chandra, Antonio Escalante, Kirstine Fryd, Charlie Hatch-Barnwell, Kalen Lee, Marta Moreiras, Freya Najade, Arnau Oriol Sánchez, Marco Pavan, Duncan Robertson, Francesco Stelitano, Valentina Schivardi, Brett Van Ort, Sisi Xiong,

Overexposed City
a 189collective exhibition

A church led by a man in army fatigues, a man obsessed with building a spaceship, a goat on a Haggerston estate… This collection of micro stories explores people, psychology and geography within London, revealing surprising and hidden visual anecdotes.

189collective is a group of emerging documentary photographers with distinct styles and a shared commitment to exploring diversity in their practice.


18 Nov - 01 Dec - 17 November 6-9pm - Private View

Come Meet the Strangers

Iulia Filipovscaia Jasmine Johnson and Marianna Simnett (Private View only)

Come Meet The Strangers Iulia Filipovscaia’s first solo show is the aftermath installation of the ‘O’ Project performance, which took place at Testing Ground: Live at 176, January 2010

Influenced by Jean Baudrillard’s writings, the ‘O’ Project objectified participants through the means of silence. CMTS aims to present the journey of a selected twelve participants, which were exposed to the gaze of the artist and the camera eye.

As part of the show, for the opening night, artists Jasmine Johnson & Marianna Simnett will present new work, a film based on the novel The Invention of Morel by Adolfo Bioy Casares

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Apples and Pears

0207 2477717

26 Osborn St London, E1 6TD

Aldgate East

Tue-Sun 11 am-11 pm

01 Oct - 18 Oct



Nick Dykes uses mirrors or bodies of water to create blurred and disturbing reflected portraits, producing atmospheric photographs that hover on the boundary between instinct and reason, reality and abstraction.


19 Oct - 09 Nov - private view 19 October 2010 at 6.30 pm

Katha: in the footsteps of George Orwell in Burma

Julio Etchart

To coincide with the 75th anniversary of the publication of George Orwell's famous first novel, Burmese Days, I went to follow the original location in the remote town of Katha, in present day Myanmar. Orwell spent 5 years in the 1920s as a police officer in the Indian Imperial Police Force in Burma, then a province of British India. This experience inspired him to write the book, one of the greatest denunciations of imperialism ever created


02 Nov - 15 Nov

‘Now you eat it, now you don’t’

Camilla Broadbent

Food engages all our senses. It arouses strong emotions. Food can awaken the intense childhood memories of delight and disgust, as revealed in this playful collection of images. The series references the concerns of seventeenth century Dutch still life artists.

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The Bethnal Green Working Men's Club

020 7739 2727

42 Pollards Row, E2 6NB

Bethnal Green

Sat 20th Nov 2 - 7pm Sun 21st nov 2 - 9pm Mon 22nd Nov - Opening evening with music - 5 - 9pm, Tues 5pm - 9pm

20 Nov - 23 Nov - Sat 20th Nov 2 - 7pm Sun 21st nov 2 - 9pm Mon 22nd Nov - Opening evening with music - 5 - 9pm, Tues 5pm - 9pm

45 RPM

Catherine Holmes

45 RPM takes a fresh look at music, aiming to capture the art, ambience and atmosphere of performace and document music venues around London. Using long exposure to visually capture an entire song, the exhibition brings together contemporary colour prints, vintage framed, to command the Bethnal Green Working Men's Club. Music from Lewis Floyd Henry on the opening evening on Monday 22nd Nov 7pm onwards.

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The Book Club

0207 684 1419

100 - 106 Leonard Street , EC2A 4RH

Liverpool Street/Old Street

Mon - Wed, 8am- 11pm , Thu - Fri, 8am - 2am, Sat 12pm - 2am, Sunday - 12pm - 12am

30 Sep - 31 Oct

PYMCA Presents: Streetstyle by Ted Polhemus.

Ted Polhemus, Gavin Watson, Janette Beckman, David Corio, Paul Hartnett, Normski, David Swindells, Plus many more PYMCA photographers

Without the Hipsters, Teddy Boys, Beats, Rockabillies, Rude Boys, Mods, Surfers, Hippies, Punks, B-Boys, Ravers, Harajuku Girls - and all the other streetstyle originals – most of us would be left without anything to wear.

The Streetstyle exhibition and book launch will feature images from the book as well as showcasing a series of talks and discussions with Ted and guests about the past, present and future of Street Style and subcultural fashion.

Images from the new edition of streetstyle by PYMCA photographers


05 Nov - 30 Nov

Andy Willsher

Andy Willsher

Andy's work has captured the music culture of our times and this exhibition celebrates his 20 years in music and photography.


16 Nov - 19 Dec - 10-18


claire ashton

I live in Hove but was made in London.
I went to Norfolk and I love Scotland (largely cos my ex who 'doesn't love me' introduced me to its beauty..I suspect I knew it anyway as I always seemed to listen to Scottish singers in my teens) Being dumped for a fatty wasn't ideal (I already see the world backwards!)

I don't particularly like Hove apparently this is unusual.

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Bordello, 55 Great Eastern Street, EC2A3HP

Old street/Liverpool street

Mon - Sat, 11am-7pm

01 Oct - 01 Nov

Surreal Series ...

Katarina Baliova

Surreal Series... is a selection of images studying female form and its connections with surrounding space and interlinking objects. The images, in black and white capture movements and shapes, which introduce mystery and reveal perspective visions in the mind of the viewer. They are sensual and mysterious, with the play of light and dark highlighting bodies in motion and in repose.

This work is influenced by surrealism, and symbolism in combination with abstract surfaces and connected with the live sculpture of body, giving a peaceful revelation of serenity.

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Brady Arts Centre

020 7364 7900

192-196 Hanbury Street , E1 5HU

Whitechapel tube

Mon-Thurs 10am-9pm, Fri 10am-7pm, Sat 10am-5pm

04 Oct - 30 Oct

A Dying Art & Open Air Photography

Mohiuddin Siddique

Due to digital technology the art of cinema banner painting in Bangladesh is dying. These banners were painted by hand from generation to generation.
The Open Air Photo Studio offered portrait photographs in five minutes. A plate camera was modified with a home-made wooden case with a darkroom inside. This exhibition can also be seen online at

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Brighton Photo Fringe

Photography Festival

in various locations, in Brighton

Brighton Photo Fringe

2 OCT – 14 NOV 2010

02 Oct - 14 Nov - Vary

Brighton Photo Fringe

This year photomonth is linking with the Brighton Photo Fringe, a city-wide biennial festival of over 120 exhibitions and events spreading along the south coast of England as far as Hastings and Chichester. So take the train to Brighton and enjoy a day out exploring the shows and breathing in some fresh sea air. Details of the exhibitions can be found in the Brighton Photo Fringe brochure & map and on the website

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Cafeb London

566 Cable Street, E1 3HB London


7th October 7pm

07 Oct - 7pm

ASA collective projection evening

full list to be confirmed.

On Thursday the 7th of October around 19:00 join us at Cafe B @ Cable Street Studios, Limehouse, East London for an evening of projections of multimedia works curated by the 3 ASA collective founding members and a guest curator to be announced soon.

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Candid Gallery

020 7837 4237

3 Torrens Street, EC1V 1NQ

Angel tube

Thurs 6.30-9pm, Fri 1pm-7pm, Sat & Sun 12noon-6pm

07 Oct - 10 Oct

Islington Contemporary Art & Design Fair

Claudia Colella, Gabriela Fabrowska-Poposki, Rupert Davies, Simon Goowin, Phil Murphy, Daniella Rizzi

The Islington Contemporary Art & Design Fair is a unique event specially organized by the Candid Arts Trust for the promotion of up to two hundred artists and designers from the UK and Europe. The event takes place at the Candid Galleries in Islington with each of the four weeks covering specific disciplines. The second week will include photography. The fair provides a platform for over 200 individual artists across the entire art and design spectrum to show their latest work.

Candid Arts Trust is a registered charity and has been organising the ICADF for 7 years.

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Chicchi Art Lounge

020 8141 4190

516 Roman Road, E3 5ES

Bow tube

Mon–Fri 8am–7pm, Sat 8am-6pm

25 Oct - 22 Nov - 28th October

‘Freezing Time Slowly’

Voytek Ketz, Prema Ronningen

‘Freezing Time Slowly’
by Prema Ronningen & Voytek Ketz

A collection of images,
Displaying precious & beautiful places around the world.
Taken in the early morning hours or during late night,
Recording nature as it spans over a period of time,
Creating Unique, Mysterious & Thoughtful images.
Showing us what even our eyes cannot do;
Freezing Time Slowly
10% proceeds from the exhibition sale will be donated to
Actionaid UK –End Poverty Together. Registered Charity 274467

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Cinnamon Kitchen & Anise Bar

020 7626 5000

9 Devonshire Square, London, EC2M 4YL

Liverpool Street

M-F 7am - Midnight; Sat 6pm - Midnight (Closed Sunday)

06 Nov - 08 Jan

Spice of Eden

Cinnamon Heathcote-Drury

Indian spices and vegetables are explored as monumental and archaic forms, by Fine Artist & photographer, Cinnamon Heathcote-Drury. Designed as a site-specific installation for the Anglo-Indian fusion restaurant Cinnamon Kitchen, the adjacent Anise bar also hosts two intriguing portraits that celebrate genetic difference without defining specific cultural identity.

The theme of 'Eden' underlies all the works - a hint of danger and plenty of questions left unresolved. The spices and vegetables often resemble fossilized ancient relics, stone or carved wood, and force the viewer to engage with the forceful microscopic intensity presented before them.

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City Arts and Music Project

+44 20 7253 2443

70 - 74 City Rd, EC1Y 2BJ

Old Street Tube

Mon-Sat 12pm-10pm closed Sun

07 Oct - 19 Oct

Dead On Holiday

Andrea Dicenzo, Tess Thackara, Konrad Buczek

Dead on Holiday

Through a darkly comedic lens, this photography collaboration explores the seduction and anxiety of tourism. Breaking the mould of the traditional holiday snap shot, the series aims to poke fun at the relationship between photography and tourism, as well as the suggested danger of visiting any foreign place.

Remaining faithful to the constructed artificiality of holiday photos, we have departed from them in all other respects. Our settings are unidentifiable and relatively mundane, the subjects are anonymous and the images are records not of life, but death.


28 Oct - 09 Nov

On a Night Like This.....

Vickie Parker

'On A Night Like This' is a collection of images from Vickie Parker as she spends a year following party Shake It in warehouses in and around East London.

The collection shows the vitality and energy of a place where people regularly come together to share a common bond - their love of the music and in the process have formed friendships, spent time with each other and possibly even had the night of their lives!

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Clifford Thames Gallery


Loft 1, 107 Clifton Street, EC2A 4LG

Liverpool Street/Old Street tube

Mon-Fri 11am-8pm (closed Wed) Sat & Sun 11am-5pm

06 Nov - 14 Nov

Printmaking: new directions

Ryuta Suzuki & Erica Donovan

Ryuta Suzuki’s technique, ‘water colour photo woodcut print’, indicates a unique depiction of woodcut prints and photographs. Erica Donovan’s screen prints and photo works explore everyday situations and the changes that we face through social interaction and the advances of technology.


25 Nov - 09 Dec

Opus 7: two Portfolios

Geoff Chaplin & Yasu Suzuka

Geoff explores different interpretations of the same photographic image using “alternative” printing techniques on whole sheets of watercolour paper. Yasu’s work is world renowned and this display includes examples of his pinhole sunrise images and new work.

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The Cynthia Corbett Gallery

+44 0208 947 6782

Old Truman Brewery, F Block T2, Brick Lane, E1 6QL

Liverpool Street/Aldgate East/Old Street

Monday - Sunday, 11am - 7pm

14 Oct - 25 Oct - Monday - Sunday 11am -7pm and by appointment

Young Masters Revisited

Young Masters Revisited is the final show of the Young Masters Tour 2010 which over the last year has toured an excerpt of The Young Masters Art Prize 2009, sponsored by AXA UK internationally.
The exhibition features emerging and newly established artists whose work is inspired by Old Masters. Through painting, photography, sculpture, and installation, each artist references an element of the established art historical canon, either through technique, imagery, or subject matter, whilst establishing an undeniably contemporary spin on highly revered paintings.

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The Dickens Inn

020 7488 2208

Marble Quay, St. Katharines Way, London, E1W 1UH

Tower Hill (Circle Line) or Tower Gateway (DLR)

Mon-Sat 11.00 – 23.00, Sun 12.00 – 22.30

01 Oct - 30 Nov

The Thames Tamed

Stuart Koenig-Roach

Scenic photography of the Thames from its tidal reaches to the Docklands, Pool of London and Embankment.

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Dilston Grove

Soutwark Park, SE16 2DD

Canada Water, Surrey Quays

Mon - Sun, 10am - 4pm

12 Nov - 21 Nov


If you are a photographer by day or night, if you are a professional, a student or just a hobbyist and would like to share your view of the world with others through your work this is a show for you. For anyone who would like to participate in the exhibition all you have to do is come to Dilston Grove on Friday November 12 (9-4pm) or Saturday November 13 (9-12pm) with your photographs and hang them yourself.

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DMB Space

0203 142 6679

Unit 9G1, The leathermarket, 11/13 Weston Street, London, SE1 3ER

London Bridge/ Borough Tube Stations

Open daily by appointment

07 Oct - 03 Dec

Empty Bottles


DMB Space presents Wassinklundgren’s Prix du Livre Award winning project Empty Bottles, previously unseen in the UK. The exhibition will present both traditional photographs and pages removed from the book.

Empty Bottles chart the daily rituals of 24 refuse collectors as they go about their business. Each picture, set against the backdrops of Beijing and Shanghai captures the extraordinary combination of roles played out by the men and women – part scavenger, part collector and part cleaner.

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Drop East

020 7377 0666

54 Commercial Street, London, E1 6LT

Aldgate East

11am - 1am

01 Oct - 30 Nov

Photomonth At Drop East

Rebecca Philio Robert Hind Carol Marin-Pache Paulina Czyz

Rebecca Philio looks at how our perceptions to hair can change once leaving the body. Robert Hind looks at how urban areas still have a participation in nature. Carol creates ‘painted’ pictures from water reflections and Paulina takes us on a quirky story through a small Polish village.


12 Oct - 26 Oct - 6 - 9 pm

Wild Places

Robert Pereira Hind

When we think of the wilderness we often imagine it lurking many miles from central London. Well perhaps not, ‘Wild Places’ is my attempt to draw our attention to the natural beauty of the wild, literally overlooked on our city streets.

The writer Stephen Graham makes the point in his book of 1923 ‘The Gentle Art Of Tramping’, that “the wild is ubiquitous”.

Behind this urban facade the wild lurks only a few inches away, between paving stones, behind dumped fridges, along the edge of a curbstones, pushing it's way through the cracks into the light of our lives.


02 Nov - 16 Nov


Carol Marin-Pache

Carol Marin-Pache new work stems from an extensive study that captures ‘traces’ left and found in her surroundings. These images have a painterly quality, the subject is ambiguous and the scale of the actual object is unspecified. MP is drawing the attention of the viewer to the making, and viewing, of photographic images more than the things they depict. The transformation of the objects offers the observer a wide range of opportunities to add their own imagination to the print.


16 Nov - 01 Dec

Tits Village Adventure


Imagine the greatest, cutest and quietest middle of Nowhere, where everybody, not even can, but has to forget all gloom and dark sides of its short live and let be taken high up by dreams…

Went as usual to get a bottle of red, when we stopped by a box filled up with tacky toys…and there it was! Starring at us and pointing with its sharp nipple right at my nose – The Tit – a hero of my photo story. So, from that day Tit stayed in my hand and followed us everywhere we went to, done what we did.

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East Gallery

214 Brick lane, E1 6SA

Aldgate East

Daily 11am-7pm

02 Nov - 09 Nov

"It’s a thin line between Heaven and here"

Ian Atkinson, Simona Ciobotariu, Mustafa Batibeniz, Emma Brennan, Victoria Kovalenko, Gemma Wyer, Ceyda Nielsen, Antonio Giorgio, Michele Clement-Delbos, Solmaz Tahvilzadeh, Andrew Kennedy, Mohsen Zarei, Digby Washer, Hannah Richardson, Daniel Imade, ian_Farrant, Michele Cremona, Spencer Rowell.

"It’s a thin line between Heaven and here", offers an intimate yet unsettling exposé of some of London’s brightest emerging photographers.
Falling to that middle ground, the works sit on a knife edge between surreal and distressing, uncomfortable and intriguing. The Sir John Cass School of Art and Design MA photographic show running as part of Photomonth,

"It’s a thin line between Heaven and here" is curated by The Butchers Fridge


10 Nov - 19 Nov - Pvt View. Invite only. Thursday 11th Nov

UncertainStates 2010

Recognisable and new work from the UncertainStates collective. Including Fiona Yaron-Field, David George and Spencer Rowell.

A celebration of a year in print. UncertainStates, a photographic collective with work steeped in nostalgia, memory and obsolescence, commemorates its first major milestone with an exhibition of new works as well as the best of the past year. Curated by The Butchers Fridge

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East London Line

sponsored by Metro -

Dalston to Shoreditch, E8 to E1

Dalston Junction, Haggerston, Hoxton, and Shoreditch High Street

Open Daily

02 Oct - 31 Oct

Images on the Line

Heather McDonough & Rod Morris

The Photobooth Project Photographers Heather McDonough and Rod Morris have been working with the London Transport Museum, setting up temporary photobooths in locations along the line and taking portraits of passer-by. A selection of images taken in East London will be exhibited on the platforms of the four new Overground stations at Dalston Junction, Haggerston, Hoxton and Shoreditch High Street. You can see the full collection of portraits at the London Transport Museum
With thanks to TfL, LOROL and the London Transport Museum.

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Eleven Spitalfields

020 7247 1816

11 Princelet St, E1 6QH

Liverpool Street tube

Daily 12noon-6pm

05 Nov - 25 Nov - Private View // 4th November - 6.30pm to 8.30pm

States of Recollection

Jason Pietra

States of Recollection is the collaboration of Annette Masterman and Jason Pietra.
The Photographs, still life assemblages with allusions to the work of Joseph Cornell and traditions of Memento Mori in European art.  In their juxtaposition of texture, animate and inanimate, flourish and decay, the images suggest subtle connections that link memory,stages of life and the passage of time.


27 Nov - 18 Dec

FIELD WORKS: Photographs from East Anglia


Field Works: Photographs from East Anglia

For almost a decade Justin Partyka has been photographing the agrarian community of rural East Anglia. In this first London solo-exhibition of these photographs, he reveals the strong sense of place this region, and how the land intimately shapes the way of life. Often melancholy in feel, Partyka’s work shows a world that is rooted to the past and its memories. His photographs may suggest that this is a way of life that is passing, but for now they tell the story of the small-time farmers who are reluctant to disappear.

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The Fish House

020 8533 3327

126-128 Lauriston Road, London, E9 7LH

Bus No 277 and 425

Monday to Friday 12pm-1-pm. Saturday-Sunday 11am-10pm

01 Oct - 30 Nov

Fishing Boats and Fishermen.

Bob Dawson

Artist Bob Dawson exhibits a selection of photographic images, captured in Morocco and Scotland, that express the enduring aesthetic of fishing boats and the men who work them.

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Flowers East

0207 920 7777

82 Kingsland Rd, E2 8DP

Old Street, Liverpool Street, Hoxton tube

Tues-Sat 10am-6pm

17 Sep - 09 Oct


Mona Kuhn

In these photographs, Kuhn encapsulates the emotions of living in Brazil through her memory of the landscape’s green, yellow and pink palette, as well as her intimate reconnection with its people. By contrasting the vitality of the dense Brazilian countryside with the sparse interior of an abandoned apartment, Kuhn establishes her own fantasy of time and place. Within the portraits, the artist develops a trusting relationship with her subjects, allowing her to portray the complexities of human nature, both tempting and provoking the viewer’s imagination. Kuhn delicately intertwines these disparate aspects, culminating in her most mature work to date.


17 Sep - 09 Oct


Julia Curtin Kelly Hill Tom Lovelace Marcia Michael Kate Owens David Plummer Zhao Renhui

Rhubarb Rhubarb & Arts Council England photography bursary winners exhibition.


13 Oct - 13 Nov

Yangtze, The Long River

Nadav Kander

Nadav Kander's series Yangzte, The Long River is simultaneously poem, travel journal and visual odyssey: we are made to witness the journey from the river's mouth to its source at a time of tumultuous social and environmental change. Kander draws us into the charged landscape through his images; photographic odes to the disquieting and arresting metamorphosis of a nation's spatial and temporal ballasts, distilling human-scale intimacy within scenes of monumental transformation.
Kander was chosen as the winner of the prestigious Prix Pictet award in 2009.
A new publication will accompany this exhibition.


15 Oct - 14 Nov

Guantanamo: If the light goes out

Edmund Clark

‘When you are suspended by a rope you can recover, but every time I see a rope
I remember. If the light goes out unexpectedly in a room, I am back in my cell.’

Binyam Mohamed, Prisoner #1458

This is a study of home, of a very particular idea of home at a very particular time in our history.
These are all objects, spaces, documents, instances connected to the lives of men held in detention at Guantanamo Bay.

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Four Corners

020 8981 6111

121 Roman Road, E2 0QN

Bethnal Green tube & station

Wed-Sat 2pm-6pm or by arrangment

06 Oct - 6.45pm - 9pm


Quarterly arts forum, where selected artists and photographers present and discuss their work in an informal and supportive environment.


29 Oct - 11 Dec


Four Corners Photo-Imaging Network presents an exhibition of affordable photographic artworks produced by award-winning artists/photographers.

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Freedom Bookshop and Autonomy Club

020 7247 9249

Angel Alley, 84b Whitechapel High Street, E1 7QX

Tube Aldgate East, Bus 205, 25

Mon-Sat 12:00 - 6 pm, Sun 12:00 - 4 pm

04 Nov - 30 Nov - 6PM

What They Want, What They Get: The Irish Travellers of Dale Farm

Unmanageable TV

This selection of images follows the lives of a group of Families on Dale Farm, Essex. Dale Farm is currently the largest traveller site in Europe and has for the past eight years been constantly under the threat of eviction by Basildon Council.
I first visited the site in 2002 and since that first day I have felt welcomed into what is a warm and vibrant community - one large family that although existing under the extreme stress that facing eviction brings, loves and supports all its members; whilst trying to maintain as normal a life as possible.

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Gallery 320

020 7739 8385

320 Bethnal Green Road, Entrance via Voss Street , E2 0AG

Bethnal Green tube

Mon-Sat 10am-5pm

13 Oct - 22 Jan

London in Detail

Sean Pines

Sean Pines takes us on a personal journey of his native London. Rich with textural narrative, the work seeks a re-engagement with the urban environment that challenges preconcieved notions of the city of London.

London In Detail builds on Sean Pines personal work featured in PhotoMonth 2007 which celebrated the found object. This year Gallery 320 presents an exhibition that cunningly delves into the minutiae of London, renewing a curiosity of our familiar and beloved city.

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Gallery Cafe

020 8980 2092

21 Old Ford Road, Bethnal Green, E2 9PL

Bethnal Green tube, Buses 8, 10, 254, 309, 388, D3, D6

Mon-Fri 9am-8pm, Sat-Sun 10am-6pm

01 Nov - 29 Nov

Somewhere Else

David Barette

'Somewhere Else' is an exhibition of photographs by David Barette, reconfiguring the everyday to make it strange, in cities such as Budapest, Lisbon and elsewhere. The photographs were taken between 2007 and 2009 in less ‘iconic’ cities to avoid the obvious and capture the surreal (an abiding interest) in the commonplace. An eclectic range of intuitive shots include a derelict communist factory on the outskirts of Budapest, Lisbon walls and a postcard rack of literally faded Hollywood stars in Bologna.

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020 7377 5332

60-62 Commercial St, Tower Hamlets, London , E1 6LT

Aldgate East

Mon - Thu: 12pm - late; Fri: 12pm - 3.30am; Sat: 9pm - 3.30am

01 Oct - 31 Oct


Peter D Kyte

Photography celebrating all that makes up the urban environment. This exhibition focuses on light, reflection, colour and form. for more information.

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Green Lens Studios

0208 350 5915

4a Atterbury Road, N4 1SF

Finsbury Park/Manor House tubes

Fri-Sun 10-6pm

01 Oct - 17 Oct - 30 September 7 30pm

Folk Off

Danny Wilder Laura Alvarado William Edward Head

GREEN LENS STUDIOS is a newly opened photographic studio, project space and art gallery. This group show will be focusing on the issues of the environmental sustainability, exploring the subject in the context of modern day storytelling to re-connect with the age old tradition of passing on information through a narrative.

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Hackney Central Library

020 8356 2542

1 Reading Lane, E8 1GQ

Hackney Central station

Mon, Tues, Thurs 9am-8pm, Wed 9am-6pm, Fri 10am-2pm, Sat 9am-5pm

01 Oct - 30 Oct - Mon, Tues, Thur: 9am - 8pm, Wed: 9am - 6pm, Fri: 10am - 8pm, Sat: 9am - 5pm, Sun: closed

Permanent Exposure

Fabrizio Stefanoni

A stunning collection of urban landscapes and environments. On Saturday 23 October Fabrizio will be running a FREE workshop from 11am to 1pm as part of Family Learning Week. He will open your eyes to the creative aspects of urban and street photography. Bring your own camera and explore the local area. The first ten under- 16s will be given a disposable camera for the day.


01 Nov - 30 Nov


Alix Edwards

What does it feel like to present one face in public and another in private? What is it like to feel faceless, dismissed and diminished…or to have no identity at all? OUTSIDE-IN explores identity and isolation in the community and asks which side of the picture you are on.

FREE drop in workshop for parents and children on 27th November 2-4pm exploring the themes of the exhibition

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Hackney Museum

020 8356 3500

Technology and Learning Centre, 1 Reading Lane, E8 1GQ

Hackney Central

Tues, Weds, Fri: 9.30am - 5.30pm, Thurs: 9.30am - 8pm, Sat: 10am - 5pm

05 Oct - 11 Dec

Capture Hackney

With the Olympics on the horizon, Hackney’s landscape is changing. Capture Hackney invited Londoners to submit photographs that caught the spirit of Hackney as the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games approach. A selection of images chosen will now be exhibited and archived at Hackney Museum and Archives for future generations to look back on in wonder.

Capture Hackney is part of wider project, Mapping the Change, which involves a number of projects that encourage Hackney residents to reflect on how they feel about the current changes taking place in the borough.

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The Hackney Pearl

020 8510 3605

Ground Floor Oslo House East Wing 11 Prince Edward Rd, Hackney Wick, London , E9 5LX

Hackney Wick Overland, Buses - 30 & 26

Daily 10 am - 10 pm

01 Oct - 01 Dec


Ali Richards

The ‘Playground’ series explores the pursuits of teenagers and their engagement with the environment; vehicles are stolen, displaced and disfigured by fire. Young people increasingly engage in activities of theft, violence and destruction often fueled by boredom and disenfranchisement. Our social structure has somehow failed them and they seek satisfaction through things that challenge the system, cause damage and ultimately have some kind of effect. The majority of the perpetrators are from deprived areas, which lack facilities to entertain and stimulate young minds.

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Hanbury Hall

0207 247 0166

22 Hanbury Street, E1 6QR

Algate East tube

22 October - 24 October, 10am-10pm

22 Oct - 24 Oct - 10am-10pm

This Is Not A Gateway


A 3-day festival investigating cities including a number of exhibitions, film screenings, artist-led walks, discussions and soap-boxes. A key theme in the festival this year is an investigation of Central Business Districts. There will be over 60 events in Hanbury Hall, with artists from Bucharest, London, Zagreb, Hong Kong, Istanbul.

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Homerton Library

020 8356 1690

Homerton High Street, E9 6AS


Mon, Tues, Thur 9am-8pm, Wed 9am-1pm, Fri 10am-8pm, Sat 9am-5pm

01 Oct - 30 Oct

Hackney's Living Past

What does Hackney mean to you? What about the area inspires you? Is it fashion, shopping, architecture, street names? What pictures do you have that capture the borough of Hackney’s racial identity?

A selection of photographs of Hackney life in the 1970s and 1980s from the collections at Hackney Archives will be on display at Homerton Library and Hackney Archives during Black History Month. Do you have photos you could add to our collections? Your photos will be added to Hackney Archives to become a part of their permanent collection. Contribute to history, bring in your pictures.

Photographs can be donated to the Archives at any time during their opening hours, see . Scans can be made so that you can keep your original photos. Please ring the Archives on 0207 241 2886 in advance to arrange this. Photos can also be handed in at Homerton Library for redirection to Hackney Archives.

Homerton Library in collaboration with Hackney Archives

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Host Gallery

020 7253 2770

1 Honduras Street, EC1Y 0TH

Old Street tube

Mon-Fri 10am-6pm, Sat 11am-4pm

27 Oct - 12 Nov


Peter Bennett, Michael C Hughes, Elini Maria Frangeskou, Gregory Reuben Levitt, Jon Santa Cruz, Tobias Slater-Hunt, Lindsey Smith, Barbara Taylor, Christopher Torry, Michael Vogt, Lynn Weddle, Lewis Williams, Emily Young, Sophia Zapiti

Photographs record the world - but they also offer a medium for telling stories about it. In this sense all photographs partake of the imaginary. The photographers represented in this show are all bound by a desire to tell extraordinary stories. They may be stories prompted by experiences as diverse as a remembered landscape, a collection of bookmarks, a reading of Dante, or a walk through city streets - but each of these bodies of work began with a photographic encounter and developed into something much more sustained – a proposal about the world – a series of Historia.

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Hotshoe Gallery

0207 429 6001

29-31 Saffron Hill, EC1N 8SW

Farringdon tube

Mon - Sat, 10am - 5pm

16 Oct - 13 Nov

Les Amants

Noemie Goudal

This solo show by French fine art photographer Noemie Goudal examines the role of narrative in the still image. The exhibition will present a number of large scale works which portray photographed set designs containing an array of strange objects and materials.

The works are meticulously set up so as to recount specific tales or events; either from the artist's personal life or from imagined utopias. The viewer will find themselves immersed in a make-believe space, not childishly illustrated, but instead wittily and brilliantly interpreted.

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020 7613 0598


Old Street, Buses 55, 243

Monday-Fri 12.00-15.00, Mon- Sat 18.00-23.00

01 Oct - 31 Oct

Walking London - Series 1

Peter Kyte

This exhibition sees London as a place, a historic and modern city and a home.

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Idea Generation Gallery

020 7749 6850

11 Chance Street, E2 7JB

Liverpool St / Old St tube

Mon - Fri 10-6pm, Saturday & Sunday 12-5pm

11 Nov - 16 Jan

Mick Rock: Rock Music

Mick Rock

Celebrated as ‘The Man Who Shot the 70s’, Mick Rock’s images define rock n’ roll. Rock launched his career in 1972 with his portrait of an unknown David Bowie and spent the next four decades capturing the most fascinating and exciting characters in rock music.

This exhibition will coincide with the publication of Rock’s new book Exposed: the Faces of Rock n’ Roll, which includes previously unseen and unpublished images, as well as rare and unexpected portraits including those of Debbie Harry, Karen O, Michael Stipe, Syd Barrett, Queen and Lou Reed.

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020 7232 5474

Woolyard 54 Bermondsey Street, , SE1 3UD

London Bridge Station

Thurs 5pm-8pm, Sat 10am-1pm

30 Sep - 02 Oct

IdeasTap Photographic Award in association with Magnum Photos

PierreFrancesco Celado, Hayley Louisa Brown, Nazare Soazes Stuart Matthews, Ed Thompson, Sam Seager, Sarah Amy Fishlock, Max Downer, Nic Scaife

This is an exhibition of emerging photographers who have been shortlisted for the first round of the IdeasTap Photographic Award in association with Magnum Photos. The photographers are exhibiting essays covering three categories, Photojournalism, Conceptual Art and Environmental.
Apply online to attend

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Project Space, 5th Floor, 10 Northwold Rd, N16 7HR

Buses: 67, 73, 76, 106, 149, 243, 393, 476; Trains: Dalston Junction, Stoke Newington

Thurs-Sunday 10am-5pm

07 Oct - 24 Oct

A State of Separation

Emma Filipsson, Holly Gilbert, Rachel Jones, Marcus Jonsson, David Kendall, Lanis Levy, Rebecca Locke, Daryl Waller, Daniel Wescott.

‘A State of Separation’ explores concepts of ‘solitude’
as a state of mind that creates or regains spatial perspectives or social conditions, which in turn offers constructive engagements with contemporary urban
and rural environments.

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The Jerusalem Tavern


55 Britton Street, Clerkenwell, EC1M 5UQ


Monday - Friday 11:00am - 11:00pm

11 Oct - 26 Nov

Passing By

Anne Clements

Old buildings, whether ramshackle or restored, have a strange power of fascination. They question our own permanence as much as the built environment that surrounds us. Just as we move on and change, so do they. In ‘Passing By’ Anne Clements preserves a precise moment in the life of the buildings she has chosen to photograph, when man and architecture come together for one split second in time, to represent an era.

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Leon, Spitalfields

020 7247 4369

3 Crispin Place , E1 6DW

Liverpool Street

Monday – Tuesday 8am – 10pm Wednesday – Friday 8am – 10.30pm Saturday 9am – 10pm Sunday 9am – 8pm

01 Oct - 30 Nov

Photomonth Live

Love taking photos with your mobile? Want to have them seen by tens of thousands? Photomonth Live is the perfect opportunity!

Simply send us your mobile photos via The best will be displayed in our custom-built, interactive iPhone slideshow in Leon in the heart of Spitalfields Market. Our panel of photography experts will hand-pick their favourites, with prizes to be announced on

Photomonth Live is an Elastik Mobile project. Elastik makes sophisticated apps for discerning people.

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Lo & Behold


2b Swanfield Street, E2 7DS

Liverpool Street, Old Street tube

Daily 12noon-6pm

19 Nov - 28 Nov

In Light Of

Bea Haut

An installation using a series of photographs referring to and re-creating the optical illusion of cinema or the zoetrope. The photographs sit as stills yet there is a movement or force that travels through them. This is not only created by presenting them in series, but within them are fluent threads of activity and disorder. This is often only visible by the scatterings left behind and is also delicate evidence of a more interior experience.

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London Metropolitan University

020 7320 1903

Sir John Cass School of Art, Media and Design, London Metropolitan University, 59-63 Whitechapel High Street , E1 7PF

Aldgate East tube

Open weekdays 10am-8pm

04 Oct - 23 Nov - See Info

Short Courses and Workshops

Spencer Rowell and David George.

Two professional photographers, Spencer Rowell and David George, will teach these classes. They will be run at a reduced rate for Photomonth 2010. All classes will be held in The Photography Department, Sir John Cass School of Art, Media and Design, 59-63 Whitechapel High Street E1 7PF Aldgate East tube. Booking Essential. Email Spencer Rowell or David George

Your Digital Camera: A beginners guide to digital capture and image processing with David George.
This course will enable you to make the most of your camera and digital technology. Includes some basic Photoshop. Bring your own camera with you. 2 weeks: Mondays 6pm-8.30pm, 4 & 11 October. Total course cost: £35, concessions £30. Limited to 15 places.

Large Format Photography with Spencer Rowell. A 4 week evening course introducing 10x8 and 5x4 photography. Using large format cameras. Studio work, bring a manageable still life/portrait idea. 4 weeks: Mondays 6pm-8.30pm, 4, 11, 18, 25 October. Total course cost £80, concessions £60. Limited to 12 places.

Behind the Image with Spencer Rowell. The image looked at a deeper level. Your personal journey beneath the image. Bring in an object/photograph/idea that can be (re) photographed, discussed and analysed. Small group sessions involve discussing your personal relationship with the object, photographing and producing an image and/or text of personal worth. 4 weeks: Tuesday 6pm-8.30pm, 5, 12, 19, 26 October. Total course cost: £80, concessions £60. Limited to 8 places.

Alternative Print Processes from Digital Files with David George. This course will take you through the process of converting digital files into negatives for printing in the black and white darkroom. It will focus on using alternative print processes e.g. Cyanotypes, Van Dyke Browns and silver gelatine. You will make prints in the darkroom. Bring digital files to the first class. Inclusive of materials. 6 weeks: Mondays 6pm-8.30pm, 18, 25 October & 1, 8, 15, 22 November. Total course cost: £100, concessions £75. Limited to 12 places.

Black & White Processing and Printing for Beginners with Spencer Rowell. This course will take you from film processing and into the black and white darkroom to make silver gelatin prints. Bring an exposed black and white film with you to the first class. (NOT XP2 or any similar C41 process). Total course cost: £80, concessions £60. Limited to 15 places.

Improve you Black & White Printing with David George. Intermediate printing to archive presentation level. Silver gelatin prints and lith printing with toning. Bring a negative of any format. Materials supplied. 4 weeks: Tuesdays 6pm-8.30pm, 2, 9, 16, 23 November. Limited to 10 places.

Studio Lighting and Shooting Tethered, Beginners/Intermediate with Spencer Rowell. This course will take you through aspects of studio lighting and how to shoot tethered in the studio. It will reflect on the advantages and disadvantages of the practice. 4 weeks: Tuesdays 6pm-8.30pm, 2, 9, 16, 23 November. Total course cost: £80, concessions £60. Limited to 12 places.


04 Oct - 28 Oct

MA Photography, Foyer Gallery

Spencer Rowell, Ian Atkinson, Digby Washer, Mustafa Batibeniz, Victoria Kovalenko

A selection of wall-based work from some of the graduating students on the MA Photography course. A more extensive exhibition of work, "It's a thin line between heaven and here" will be on show at East Gallery in November.


01 Nov - 26 Nov - Private View Thursday 4th November 6p.m. - 8p.m.

Family Photographs

Robin Grierson

Grierson feels that family photographs are "an attempt to preserve love and life, to wrap it up in cotton wool so that nothing can damage it." In Grierson's work the viewer certainly gets a strong sense of the photographer really "seeing" those whom he photographs and that his gaze is wholly connected with his subjects. These photographs are strangely ageless in the sense that one finds it difficult to pinpoint the era when they were taken. Their framing makes little reference to the contemporary and the colour palate is subtle; these photographs are a timeless commentary on family life.

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London Photographic Association & Gallery 1839

020 8392 8557

The Assembly Rooms, 8 Silver Place, W1F 0JU

Oxford Circus/Picadilly Circus tube

Mon-Fri 10am-5pm

06 Oct - 19 Nov

Strange Bedfellows 1 & 2 - off limits

Alissa Alberne, Chris Bucher, Chan-Hyo Bae, John Ferguson, Darlaine Honey, Lea Golda Holterman, Lydia Goldblatt, Sue Golden, Karen Kapoor, George Kavanagh, David Knight, Ginger Lui, Georgina McNamara, Sukey Parnell, Judah Passow, Russ Quackenbush, Claudio Rasano, Alessandro Saponi, Ilya Van Marle, Sophia Wallace plus others

In 'Strange Bedfellows' 1 & 2 the tapestry of life is exposed in all its fragmented complexities. Here the quotidian mixes with the topical, the enigmatic with the provocative. This conceptual, eclectic mix of international photographers’ images, chosen by an artist, presents unions exploring the contrasts and disparities, the illusions and realities of the Zeitgeist. It forms a striking exhibition, in two parts, that reveals the poignant, the paradoxical and the absurd.

Images have been selected from the fine art, commercial and established photographers’ collections at the London Photographic Association and Gallery 1839.

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London Transport Muesum

020 7379 6344

Wellington Street, WC2E 7BB

Covent Garden tube

Sat-Thurs 10am-6pm, Fri 11am-6pm

09 Oct - 11am - apprx 3pm

Overground Uncovered Flickr Scavenger Hunt

The new Overground extension on the east London Line runs from Dalston Junction to West Croydon. Here’s your chance to explore! In a race against time teams of photographers will unlock cryptic clues in order to snap transport treasures and local gems. Prizes will go to the first team home (with the most correct answers) and bonus goodies will be awarded for best pictures uploaded to Flickr. You can choose from 2 photographic scavenger hunts - either at Dalston Junction or West Croydon. Contact Michelle Brown at with your Flickr ID to book your place. The event may involve travel so have your Oyster Cards ready.

At the museum you can see the exhibition of Overground Uncovered: Life along the Line, which explores over 160 years of history and innovation behind the building of the new line and brunel's Thames Tunnel.

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Look Mum No Hands

020 7253 1025

49 Old Street London , EC1V 9HX

Old Street

Mon-Fri 7.30am-10pm, Sat 9am-10pm, Sun 10am-10pm

15 Oct - 31 Oct

A Visual Ride.

Diego Marando

A visual journey in two wheels. Riding along an autumn Critical Mass in London, the backstreets of Copenhagen and the canals and bridges of Amsterdam, the lenses capture the joy and freedom of Cycling, the artistic view of the bike in an urban context and how pedal power can create an astonishing change in our lives, the change to independence. Close ups also to be found

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The Luxe, Spitalfields

0207 7101 1751

109 Commercial St, E1 6BG

Liverpool St tube

Mon-Fri 8am-12midnight, Sat & Sun 9.30am-12midnight

01 Oct - 31 Dec

Behind the Whip: Dominatrix Portraits

Maria Coletsis

Behind the Whip is a series of photographic portraits and interviews taken on location in the city and dungeon of each participating global Dominatrix. The photo essays provide an intimate look at the women and the dungeons which make up this fast-growing subculture community and reveal an element of our society which is manifest in the lives of these women. Coletsis invites the viewer to experience the rich and varied sexuality of a multi-racial group of strong, adventurous women.


01 Oct - 31 Dec

Girls UnScene

Heather Shuker

Girls UnScene, deliberately taken without the consent of the subjects, reveals the hidden details of, and the exchanges and interactions between, females in night-club toilets, showing them in unguarded moments when behind closed doors.

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Magnum Print Room

020 7490 1771

63 Gee Street, EC1V 3RS

Old Street, Barbican tube

Wed-Fri 11.00am-4.30pm

15 Sep - 13 Nov

Elliott Erwitt - Platinum Prints and Classic Snaps

Elliott Erwitt

Elliott Erwitt’s presents four of his most iconic images as editioned, large format platinum prints, in an exhibition of fine photographs spanning Erwitt’s distinguished career. Produced using cutting edge technology these 30”x40” platinum prints feature Erwitt’s photographs of racial segregation in North Carolina, 1950; a kiss reflected in the wing mirror of a car, California, 1955; Marilyn Monroe, New York, 1956 and one of his best loved pictures, Felix, Gladys and Rover, 1976.

Included alongside the platinum set are signed silver gelatin prints of some of Erwitt’s most well-known images from famous portraits to his classic dogs.

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Matchbox Gallery

07967 039788

Guerilla Street, East London, E829

East London Line

Mon-Sun. 9am - 9pm

01 Oct - 30 Nov

Matchbox Gallery Pop-Ups

Toby Smith, Robert Hackman, Wendy Pye, Marc Schlossman,

Containing nine images from new or ongoing bodies of work, the Matchbox is a high quality mini portfolio that allows the viewer to appraise the work at their own leisure. Due to its unobtrusive size the Matchbox is a pocket gallery on the move. Originally developed in 2009 by Robert Hackman the now 4 Matchbox Photographers will be posting/hosting/bombing a series of miniature pop-up exhibitions. Working in synergy with the timing and locations of major Photomonth '10 events, improvising on the urban space on the fringe of galleries without intruding on the formal space.

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Monsieur M

0207 613 4094

380 Old Street , EC1V 9LT

Shoreditch High Street

Daily, 12 pm - 12 am

01 Oct - 15 Nov

La Donna - Light Paintings

Antonella Fabiani

This exhibition is one of the artist's ongoing projects that evolved from a passion to create intrigue from the ordinary. Antonella's creative philosophy is based around her art as something that continuously develops without a definitive beginning or end. The series includes images for sale in a limited editon of 8.

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Museum Of London

020 7600 3699

150 London Wall, EC2Y 5HN

Barbican, St Paul's, Moorgate tube

Mon-Sun 10am-6pm

09 Oct

Goodbye London

Take part in a photographic adventure that asks you to imagine a London on the brink of apocalypse. Join Shoot Experience at the Museum of London to explore the streets of London in teams, returning with your findings to create one collective artwork, documenting the last days of our dying city. Costumes are very welcome - think end of the world/futuristic (Mad Max, Children of Men, 28 days later...) £12/£8 concs. See for more details. Pre booking essential.


14 Oct - 25 Oct


Streetmuseum lets you glimpse moments in London’s history from the Great Fire of 1666 to the present day. With hundreds of images from the Museum of London’s extensive art and photographic collections, Streetmuseum gives you a unique perspective of old and new London whether you’re discovering the capital for the first time or revisiting favourite haunts.

Select a destination from our London map or use your GPS to locate an image near you. Hold your camera up to the present day street scene and see the same London location appear on your screen.

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Next Level Projects

+44 (0)20 7655 4350

58 Hanbury Street London England, E1 5JL

Whitechapel, Aldgate East tube

Tues - Thurs, 12 - 6 , Sun 2 - 6

07 Oct - 31 Oct


Tuomo Rainio

TraceScape (part of: Alice in Wonderland, European Capital of Culture 2011) is a video Installation work on social structure in the public space.

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No:Id Gallery


31 Commercial Road, E1 1LG

Aldgate East tube, Buses 25, 67, 106

Fri-Sun 1pm-6pm

30 Sep - 10 Oct

Where do you think you are going? - photographic gaps

Kairo Uza Jeannette Petrik

Product designer Jeannette Petrik and entomology student Kairo Uza explore the imaginary lives of the objects that surround us, and of the people that appear equally object- like to us in our everyday encounters. Drawing on this observation, they present a series of photographs that challenge our intuitional causal thoughts by exposing their deep grounding in prejudice. Reflecting on this hegemony of pictorial representation, its claim to truth so to say, they fill the gaps their photographic sequences deliberately leave open through the ruthless narrative intervention of other media.


14 Oct - 24 Oct - Private view Thursday 14th October 6-9pm.

The Hermit and The Sleeping Beast

Martin Lau

Intimate portraits of behemoths. A groundbreaking collaboration between the photographer and electroacoustic artists Cos Chapman and Isnaj Dui, who have composed a soundtrack specially for the images, and are performing it live at the private view and the closing day. Limited edition photo book/CD available from opening night.

On one hand the industrial vehicles featured here are “purely” utilitarian objects, but by virtue of the complex and exposed nature of their working parts, they take on an almost Baroque intricacy. It’s because of my deeply felt personal response to these machines that I consider these photographs to be intimate portraits.


28 Oct - 07 Nov - 1 - 6 pm


Martin Bardell, Manuel Capurso, Jochen Klein, Richard Kolker and Gillian Vaux

Reduction features new work by five lens-based artists, seeking to experimentally prune that which is potentially not required, as well as explore the merits of a downsized group exhibition.
All five artists are recent alumni from the London College of Communications’ MA Photography course.


11 Nov - 21 Nov

Two hours before.

Arantxa Alcubierre

There is no more important moment for them during the day than those minutes just before the show. Anticipation, concentration, expectation. They are the Cuban National Circus.

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Oblong Gallery

(020) 7354 8330

69a Southgate Road, N1 3JS

angel/bus 141, 76, 73, 38, 21,

Mon - Tues:  by appointment only Wed - Fri: 10am-6pm Sat - Sun: 11am-6pm

07 Oct - 31 Oct - 6 october 6-9pm

Cold Blooded

Eline van den Boogaard

Eline’s focus in Cold Blooded is on the alienation of the role of nature in the modern urban environment; she looks at the need to fill the ensuing gap, with increasingly detached and abstract references that are recontextualised to suit our purposes.

Eline works solely within a carefully set studio space, borrowing elements from the tactile world and repositioning them alongside her subjects as fetishised objects.

Shooting on transparency film so as to bring out a vibrant sense of colour, these images also serves to juxtapose natural colours with the artificial, again problematising our awkward relationship with nature and beauty.

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+ 44 (0) 207 713 5097

Black Dog Space, 10a Acton Street, WC1X 9NG

Kings Cross

Mon- Fri 12 - 5 pm

30 Sep - 12 Nov - Private View 30th Sept 6- 9 pm

Muniments: Iran

Afshin Dehkordi

Muniments is the first UK solo show of the photographic and text installation work of the Iranian born British artist Afshin Dehkordi. Focusing on the tangled and contradictory relationships between Iran and the West, Muniments peels open the subtle layers of public and private ownership in contemporary Iranian society.

The works display the underlying drama and construction of the ‘story’, inherent within the language of journalism and an important concern within Muniments. A shift in awareness occurs as the mix between migration, architecture and borders reveals seductive social and personal ideals or longings that are sharply displaced from focus.

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Old Truman Brewery

020 7770 6003

F Block, 15 Hanbury Street, E1 6QL

Aldgate East tube

Open daily 11am-6pm

29 Sep - 10 Oct

Shoot Nations

A selection of project photos from the annual Shoot Nations youth project which aims to present the views of young people to the highest form of government, the United Nations. Following an exhibition in the UN lobby, this year's theme is CITY LIVING and will see submissions from young people (11-25) from all over the world.
See for more info.


14 Oct - 25 Oct

Photomonth Photo-Open

Sponsored by theprintspace, curated by alternative arts. photography show open to all kinds of photographers, the aim is to exhibite a wide range of subjects and approaches, all images will be screened and a selection printed. Entry forms may be obtained from or download at The exhibition will include images from the photomonth youth programme and youth photography award.


14 Oct - 17 Oct

Photomonth Photolounge

Melissa Aherne, Suelan Allison-Modrzejenski, Dilan Bozyel, Annalisa Brambilla, Christopher Burrows, Jon Cardwell, Kerry Clark & Gemma Donovan, Natalie Dybisz, Kaitlyn Elphinstone, Brian Galloway, Duncan Godfrey, David Handley, Paulo Henrique, Alex Grace Hopps, Tracy Howell, IdeasTap, John Matthews, Alex Rankin, Steve Schofield, Paula Smith, Andy Spain, Miki Takahira, Graham Vaughan, Sarah Wilson.

An exciting new project introducing emerging photographers each with their own independent exhibition in the photomonth photolounge. For full information on all exhibitions see the photolounge listings ( To hire space in the photolounge contact


15 Oct - 21 Oct

PHOTOBOX - The Worlds Biggest Photobook

Amazement knows no age, gender…or species!

How about turning into an ant for a day and getting a different perspective on the world?

Come and join us at the Old Truman Brewery and be captivated by the sheer size of the biggest photobook known to man.

This 4.2m x 6.2m beast, a ‘Honey I Shrunk the Kids’ experience, will leave you speechless. Look up and admire the nation’s snappy handy work, who raced against the clock to capture in photos every nook and cranny of our beautiful world in just 80days.

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You Must Never Leave This Place online

Linda Duffy

You Must Never Leave This Place is an ongoing project that has developed out of a series of conversations over the last ten years. It is the outcome of a process of listening, looking and learning. Of collecting stories and taking photographs.

The stories are of life experience and interests pursued with enthusiasm; of home, family, ancestors and local lore. The photographs, taken in and around the family home, are an attempt to capture a sense of time and place.

This exhibition includes an edited selection of images from the series.


Lush online

Alix Edwards

Can't afford to go to the Caribbean? LUSH brings the tropics to you with a bright, vibrant colour infusion of the flowers and spices that awed the traders who 'discovered' them and are now an integral part of Hackney life.


Luminous online

Nirmala Savadekar

Images printed in alternative processes with platinum and gold


Inside online

Mandy Williams

‘Inside’ is a series of still video images. The work, which was shot from the street at dusk over a period of two months, explores the idea of home as a sanctuary, retreat or cell. It captures people, self-contained in their routines at the end of the day, as similar repetitions play out across the city. It is inspired by Bachelard’s Poetics of Space and the lit house as a beacon, hut, and refuge and Derek Jarmans’ video ‘Journey to Avebury’ where a lyrical approach to landscape highlights the mystical and ritual elements of place.


Paul Trevor Online Book Launch online

Paul Trevor

Online book launch of Paul Trevor's EYE POD, a book dummy capturing his experience on the iconic London Eye. Undertaken in the Eye's first year of operation, the complete project can be seen for the first time. The launch coincides with the 10th anniversary of this new London landmark.

Paul Trevor can be contacted at

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Open The Gate

0207 503 6099

The Black Culture Cafe, 33-35 Stoke Newington Rd, N16 8BJ

Dalston Kingsland Stn

Sun - Thurs 12pm-12am ; Fri - Sat, 12pm - 2am

30 Sep - 22 Oct

Black Britannia

John Ferguson

Black Britannia features a selection of striking portraits taken by John Ferguson, Fleet Street's first black photographer in the 1980's, of some of the most well known – and less familiar - inspirational black men and women who have risen to the top of their chosen fields.
The exhibition aims to highlight the achievements of these individuals, by promoting a positive image of black Britons and raise peoples awareness of the contributions made to UK culture, economy and life by black Britons.

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The Others

+44 (0)208 8023 755

The Others Top floor 6 and 8 Manor Road London , N16 5SA

Tube: Finsbury Park, then 106 bus Train: Stoke Newington (from Liverpool Street) Buses:67, 73, 76, 106, 149, 243, 476 (all stop @ Stoke N. BR)

Monday - Sunday check website for details

02 Oct - 01 Nov - 8pm

Atrocities of the brave people who dared gaze directly into the face of The Monkey God

Michael Marks, Helen Howard and Dan Avenell

…Exhibiting rare archive atrocities of the brave people who dared gaze directly into the face of The Monkey God Of Rock & Roll, and lived to tell the tale. Well, some of ‘em.
A one-off visual history of onstage extremes, from early Cramps/Sonic Youth/Hole and so on, through Gallon Drunk, Nick Cave & all the rest, up to the present day, in Hell; D-66/Deptford Beach Babes/Lux Condo/Nick Marsh/Birds Of Paradise/Rasp Thorne And The Briars/Tropics Of Cancer/Hot Gothic & more… The Horror Continues.
Likely that some of you lot might have been there. Or even played.

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The Outside World


44 Redchurch Street, E2 7DP

Liverpool Street / Old Street

Everyday 12-6

04 Oct - 30 Nov - Daily 12-6

The Outside World Presents ...

Phil Clark-Hill, C.A.Halpin, Justin Westover, "TAKE AWAY", Michael Hesz, Camilla Broadbent, Dougie Wallace,

A series of over six shows taking place during Photomonth, these will range from weekly shows by Phil Clark-Hill (Made In Coorg, Documentary),C.A.Halpin (Painter/Photographer & The Outside World Director), Justin Westover ('Untitled' Portraits),'TAKE AWAY' (Open Submission group show), Michael Hesz (Bingo & Social Club, Documentary), Camilla Broadbent ('My Better Angel' Documentary), Dougie Wallace (Reflections on Life, Documentary) and several other supporting exhibitions.
Satellite shows will run from one to four days encompassing a wide range of artists and photographers. There will also be competitions, submissions and several POP-UP shows.

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020 7247 4710

Arthaus building, Richmond Road, Hackney , E8

Hackney Central or Hackney Downs


01 Oct - 30 Sep - 24/7

Overlay Project Hackney

Various including Alix Edwards

Alix Edwards is one of the first four artists to have her work on show in THE OVERLAY STREET GALLERY.

Comissioned by CIDA the Cultural Industries development agency, these pictures are displayed on the hoarding which surrounds the new 'Arthaus' building in Richmond Road, Hackney.

The artists will be rotated every 3 months giving 28 Artists the opportunity to display their work on a rolling period. Arthaus presents 69 apartments and 2 town houses as well as studio space for artists, designers and media professionalswill be in place for about 12 months so get down to Hackney and

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Photochats@Chats Palace

020 8533 0226

42-44 Brooksby’s Walk, Homerton, E9 6DF

Homerton station/bus 236, 242, 276

Wed-Sat 12-5pm, Thurs til 9pm

08 Oct - 27 Nov

Last of the Real High Streets

Colin O'Brien, Jane Egginton

Words and images gathered over the last year tell the story of Chatsworth Road. Situated in Hackney this high street, filled almost exclusively with independent shops,
is a rarity in modern Britain. The butchers ‘Mighty Meats’ and the ‘Chatsworth Tyre Service’ have been run by the same family for decades. A deli, juice bar and coffee shop have recently
opened each playing their own part in keeping alive this peculiar and wonderful street. The Olympics (a stone’s throw away) and the revival of the street market, once Hackney’s biggest, could see this fascinating stretch of road change beyond all recognition.

10, 17, 24 Oct & 7, 14, 21 November 1pm-5pm
Introduction to Black & White Printing and Film Processing courses. Open to all. £40. Contact or call 020 8986 9283. Traditional colour and black & white darkrooms available for hire throughout each week.

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020 7738 5774

17a Electric Lane, SW9 8LA

Brixton tube

Tues-Sat 10am-6pm

30 Sep - 20 Nov


Sunara Begum

Ara is a new exhibition by the contemporary visual artist and filmmaker Sunara Begum that explores the world of a mythical figure and icon called Ara. The exhibition includes photography, film and installation, which opens a dialogue between the old world and the new.

Ara is a symbolic character who lives between worlds and embodies the journey of displacement from homeland to the diasporic experience. She is an illusive figure who moves through time and space with a shadowy presence of a bygone era. Reflecting on her beginnings through dreams and memories, Ara travels the path that lies beyond tradition.


01 Oct - 26 Nov

Guantanamo: If the Light Goes Out/ Letters to Omar

Edmund Clark

Edmund Clark is best known for his powerful, thoughtful and beautiful images exploring the consequences of control and incarceration. "Guantanamo: If the light goes out" illustrates three experiences of home: the naval base at Guantanamo, the complex of camps where the detainees have been held, and the homes where former detainees now find themselves trying to rebuild their lives. "Letters to Omar" is a selection of cards and letters sent to Brighton resident Omar Deghayes during his five years of captivity. Together, these two projects create a sense of the hardship and isolation these innocent men endured.


06 Oct - 8pm

Voyage: A Retrospective

Phil Maxwell & Hazuan Hashim

Filmakers Phil Maxwell and Hazuan Hashim and muscian Lola Perrin present a retrospective of works created over the past five years and performed around the world.


11 Oct - 24 Oct

Thames Barrier to Teddington

Various - documentary project running from end of July-end of September on in partnership with Shoot Experience. Open to all. Best pictures will be picked for exhibition.

Documenting the river from Thames Barrier to Teddington: The Second Londonist Photography Challenge.

We will create an interactive map of the photos along the banks of the river and capture a diverse composite snapshot of the River Thames in 2010, as seen through Londoners' camera lenses.

Run by Londonist in partnership with Shoot Experience


16 Oct - 30 Nov - Monday - Sunday 11am -7pm and by appointment

Young Masters at the Courtauld presented by The Cynthia Corbett Gallery

LLuis Barba

Lluís Barba modernizes the Old Masters by displacing the original narrative with contemporary characters simultaneously shocking and delighting the viewer.
The exhibition coincides with the 2010-2011 exhibition Exhibitionism.


20 Oct - 31 Oct

London Independent Photography 22nd Annual Exhibition

Various photographers from London Independent Photography (LIP)

London Independent Photography is a community organisation for amateur and professional photographers with more than 500 members. Our activities are designed to bring together photographers with different interests and levels of expertise who wish to develop their personal approach to photography, improve their skills and gain recognition for their work.

The LIP Annual Exhibition provides a platform for members to exhibit their best work from the previous year.

Our exhibition selectors this year come from the very heart of London's photographic community: Lucinda Chua (Proud Central) and Paul Ellis (Photofusion).


22 Oct - 23 Oct

Room 16: A Place to Stay

Sayed Hasan

Where do you go if you need a place to stay in the city? There is no one around to put you up or you want your own space, would like your own key. For the short time you are in the city you want to come and go as you please.

'Room 16: A Place to Stay' is a temporary installation of photographic work based on Sayed Hasan's experiences of living in a South East London hostel, the New Cross Inn. This intimate exhibition is situated in the very room he occupied.

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020 72428032

Conway Hall, South Place Ethical Society, 25 Red Lion Square, London, WC1R 4RL

Holborn tube


05 Oct - 7.30pm

PhotoVoice Lecture Series - Sarah Moon

Sarah Moon

Texture, surface, seeing, believing, dreaming, it is difficult to summarise Sarah Moon’s fantastical photography which after almost thirty years of image-making has made her a legend in her own lifetime. Working extensively in photography and film, she has also published over a dozen books.

Sarah will be giving a rare insight to the thoughts and motivations behind her films and photography. Tkts £10 in advance


10 Nov - 19 Nov

PhotoVoice Public Training Courses

BOOK NOW for 1 day and 3 day PhotoVoice workshops in participatory photography held in Dalston, London E8.

One-day course -November 10 for people with a photographic background keen to gain an overview of the processes, principles and key elements of participatory photography methodology, with a focus on participation and facilitation.

Three day workshop November 17,18 &19 for photographers, social change practitioners and other professionals interested in an overview of participatory photography methods and the key elements of designing, running and facilitating a participatory photography project.


11 Nov - 7.30pm

PhotoVoice Lecture Series - Mary McCartney

Mary McCartney

Mary McCartney's work has spanned the worlds of portrait and fashion photography. Her style lies in finding a moment that gives us a new insight on the subject.
She took the first official photographs of Tony and Cherie Blair with their newborn son, Leo and was invited into the private world of the elite Corps De Ballet. Mary will be talking about her colourful career and ‘From Where I Stand’ a retrospective book of her photographic work to date. Tkts £10 in advance


23 Nov - 6pm

PhotoVoice Auction of Exceptional Photographs

The auction showcases editioned and signed prints by photography legends and future masters. Contributors include Massimo Vitali, Herb Ritts, Larry Fink, David Hurn, Susan Meiselas, Simon Roberts and Anastasia Taylor-Lind. All the prints are auctioned in aid of PhotoVoice, an award winning international charity whose projects provide participants with self-confidence, an outlet for self-exploration and self-expression, an opportunity to raise awareness of their situation and to advocate for change and transferable IT and media skills. Tkts £20 in advance


02 Dec - 7.30pm

PhotoVoice Lecture Series - Anastasia Taylor Lind/Marcus Bleasdale

Anastasia Taylor Lind Marcus Bleasdale

Anastasia Taylor Lind studied Documentary Photography at the University of Wales Newport and the London College of Communication and is currently based in Syria. She is represented by the VII Mentor program.
Anastasia won the Guardian photography award for her portrait of a Kurdish female fighter.
As one of Britain's emerging talents in photojournalism Anastasia will be in conversation with Marcus Bleasdale sharing and comparing experiences of front line photography.
Marcus Bleasdale has received much acclaim for his work and is widely published. He spent eight years covering the brutal conflict within the borders of the Democratic Republic of Congo and has won several major awards from international organisations including Amnesty & UNICEF.

Tkts £10 in advance

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Primesight billboard

Bethnal Green Road, E2 9QH

Bethnal Green Tube


11 Oct - 07 Nov

Land Draw Photomontage

Mischa Haller, Abigail Downer - ScapeSpace Events

Land Draw Photomontage

Designed by Abigail Downer, a collaboration between the ScapeSpace Events Team and the users of Mile End Park, London.

Captured and translated by Mischa Haller to create a “total artwork” piece.

The Land Drawing is a site specific work, Mischa Haller provides the legacy – the articulation and energy of the work. A patchwork made by the hands of 300 people in Mile End Park.

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Pure Evil Gallery

07805 420771

108 Leonard Street, London, EC2A 4RH

Old Street Tube Station, Liverpool Street Station, Bus: 55, 243

Daily from 10 am - 6 pm

04 Nov - 07 Nov

The Secret Den

Naa Teki Lebar

This eclectic group show inspired by the natural world will encompass disciplines from across the world of art and design, from photography to fashion and textiles to painting. The transformation of the space into an urban wilderness encourages exploration and discovery amongst the work, and creates an enticing atmosphere which immerses the viewer, transporting them back into the wild.

Showcasing work by Alex Moore, Ben Lees, Caitlin Smail, Georgia Bosson, Maria Roslova and Naa Teki Lebar.

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Rag Factory

020 7650 8749

16-18 Heneage Street, London, E1 5LJ

Aldgate East / Whitechapel / Bus 67

Thur-Sun 12noon - 10pm

12 Oct - 17 Oct


Fabio Affuso

This fascinating project explores the possibilities and limitations of the still image within photography and tattoo art. People who use their bodies as the most valuable of their diaries discuss the symbols behind their tattoos.


14 Oct - 17 Oct - Thursday 14th October, 7PM


Ingrid Berthon-Moine, Diane Bielik, Josephine Callaghan, Colin Coutts, Julia Defferary, Pavel Dornak, Svetozar Ivanov, Susannah King, Sophie Mitchell, Grant Petrey, Blerim Racaj, Andy Robertson, Belinda Spinney, Benjamin Westoby, Dave Williams, Saule Zukaityte, Andrea Mundelein.

This diverse group exhibition draws together the photographic work of lecturers and alumni from a central London college. The show marks a point of reconnection or both the lecturers and former students, to be able to reflect on the development of their personal practice and offer an opportunity to reignite creative discourse within a changed context.


28 Oct - 31 Oct - 6:30pm - 9pm


Mark Denton, Alex Drago, Krisztina Sardi, Andrea Schraven, Nishant Shukla

5x4 is a group show featuring 5 artists over 4 days at The Rag Factory for Photomonth, London.

Mark Denton makes striking large scale portraits which evoke a sense of intimacy, intensity and connectedness.
Alex Drago's portraits of the Tower of London's Beefeaters are concerned with history as a cultural presence, whilst Krisztina Sardi's unnerving portraits of identical twins are centered around issues of self representation, identity and voyeurism.
Andrea Schraven's carefully crafted formalist images explore the tension between absence and presence which is rooted in the everyday, and Nishant Shukla explores the connection between memory and loss by recording ephemeral moments of tender beauty.

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the Rag Factory

020 7650 8749

16 Heneage Street, E1 5LJ

Liverpool Street/Shoreditch High Street

Thu: 6-11pm, Fri - Sat 11am-10pm, Sun 11am-6pm

21 Oct - 24 Oct - Thu: 6-11pm, Fri - Sat 11am-10pm, Sun 11am-6pm

3is3 Identity

Lucie Varekova, Christian Kraatz, Jen Dark

You are invited to attend the opening of a new photography exhibition: "3 is 3 identity".
The exhibit shows the work of three up and coming artists
exploring the subject of identity.
Each vision is portrayed in a diverse fashion. Complimentary to the photographs, the event
will also feature a live art exhibit of Jen Darc and in addition to Christian Kraatz series
„We Refuse to Be Enemies“ will be shown a screening of the film „The Iron Wall“, which
is documentary on the Israeli settlements. You're welcome to a talk by a journalist of the
Palestine soladarity campaign, touching on the reality of living for an...

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Rapid Eye Darkroom


79 Leonard Street, EC2A 4QS

Old Street

12 to 6 Monday to Friday

01 Oct - 01 Dec

Rapid Eye. Analogue printing

various darkroom members, the exhibition will be continually grow untill all the wall space is covered. example images (30"x40") are by: Steven Barritt.

This exhibition is continually changing as work is produced in the darkroom by its users, who are the members. The members of the darkroom range from amateurs, students, artists and commercial photographers.

All prints shown will be made from film onto C-type photographic paper. A description of the camera, film type and printing technique will be included below the image.

This is not a gallery but a working environment. You will be able to see prints being made and be able to ask questions regarding the darkroom and how you can use it yourself.

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Real World Gallery


65 Hanbury Street; London, E1 5JP

Aldgate East

Mon-Sat, 1pm-7pm

04 Oct - 06 Oct

I Am Vertical

Alexandra Serrano

This exhibition explores the theme of identity through appearances, memories and the relationship between reality and fiction.
I Am Vertical is a body of work that forms a subjective narrative in which each photograph functions as an allegory of a specific feeling, all expressed through the staging of various inanimate objects. It works as a self-analysis, a reflection on frustrating times and the claustrophobia of family life.

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Red Gallery

07758 24635

1-3 Rivington Street, EC2A 3DT

Old Street

Tue - Sun, 12pm - 6pm

01 Oct - 31 Oct

Photographs from Lovebox

Nick Ensing

Photographs from Lovebox, the East London Music Festival

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The Red Lion

0207 729 7920

41 Hoxton Street (at Mundy Street), N1 6NH

Old Street, Liverpool Street

Mon - Sat 11am - midnight; Sun 12noon - 11pm

01 Oct - 03 Dec


Adam Parkes, Adrian Capps, Brigitt Angst, Catherine, Craig Stevenson, David Solomons, Giovanni Frisari, Hamish Stewart, Jonathan Goldberg, Mark Denton, Michael McGuinness, Nicholas Cobb, Nigel Jarvis, Philip Genochio, Richard Conolly, Sarah Bailyn, Steve Brockerton, Steve Richmond, Susanna Suovalkama, Susie Harrison, Tiffany Jones, Timothy Belcher, Volker Schirp

The Shoreditch Group of London Independent Photography introduces their second annual exhibition in the Red Lion. Presenting the new group project, "Parallels" , the exhibition follows evolving narrative of two separate series of images, beginning from the same starting point.

For more information on the exhibition and London Independent Photography please visit

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0121 663 0101

x, x



09 Sep - 09 Oct

Hungry: Flowers Gallery

Julia Curtin, David Plummer, Kelly Hill, Zhao Renhui, Kate Owens, Marcia Michael, Tom Lovelace.

Conceived and managed by Lorna-Mary Webb, Rhubarb’s Company Manager, the show reveals the winners in the different stages of the Rhubarb Pyramid of Opportunity. Chosen by a panel including Chris Littlewood – Flowers Gallery, Harry Hardie - Host Gallery, David Birkitt – DMB Media, Mark Foxwell – Genesis Imaging, and Lara Ratnaraja - Business Link.


21 Oct - 01 Jan - Dates are not yet confirmed!!

Walking As One

Adam Magyar

Launch of ‘Walking As One’ Large Scale Image
by Adam Magyar

The Blue Fence, Outside Stratford Tube Station
Produced by Rhonda Wilson - Creative Director at Rhubarb, ‘Walking As One’ is a project fusing
Olympic Finish Line scanning technologies with interests in time and space, public participation and a sense of a shared future. The walk involved over one hundred people on Saturday 17 July 2010 at the Newham Lord Mayor’s Show in Central Park. Now participants are invited to come to the large scale image and find themselves.
Commissioned by Newham, London


23 Oct

The Crossing


This event considers the shifting terrain of the contemporary image world and what will be necessary for photographers to embrace to fulfil their creative aspirations and goals. With concerns such as future funding and commissioning; the impact of social engagement on the print market; the overlaps between commercial, documentary and fine art; the demise of the white wall gallery and the rise of the virtual showcase. The Crossing asks one question – are you going to stay where you are, live in the past, or cross over into the new world offered to photographers through technology, tenacity and a mind shift around what is possible and how it can be achieved. Rhubarb brings together some of its favourite thinkers with new style parters such as DMB Media and those boys at Duckrabbit…who are opening the proceedings with an image party…

For times, venue and speakers visit

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Rich Mix

020 7613 7498

35-47 Bethnal Green Road, Shoreditch, E1 6LA

Liverpool Street/Shoreditch High Street

Daily 10am-11pm

07 Oct - 07 Nov

Famous for the wrong reasons

Sal Idriss

A moving exhibition portraying families affected by violent crimes. Inspired by the artist's own experience, it is a tribute to his brother Nasswudeen, who died in 2007 as the result of an unprovoked knife attack in Islington, a few days before his 17th birthday.


11 Nov - 11 Dec

Photomonth Photo-Open Extra

Selected images from this years Photomonth Photo-Open demonstrating the diversity of contemporary photography. Sponsored by theprintspace, curated by alternative arts.

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Milk Yard, E1W 3SU

Shadwell DLR/tube

By Appointment

18 Oct - 12 Nov - Please make an apointment by calling 07941 126 747

London Works

Colin Hampden-White

This exhibition takes in the photography of Colin Hampden-White since he moved to London in 2004
The work has been exhibited widley in London from The Cork Street Gallery to the artists squats of The DA! Collective wining awards along the way, and has been published in such varied media as Vogue Italia to The Times.

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Rivington Place

020 7729 9200

Autograph ABP, Rivington Place, EC2A 3BA

Shoreditch station/Liverpool St tube

Tues-Fri 11am-6pm, Thurs til 9pm, Sat 12noon-6pm, Sun & Mon closed

17 Sep - 27 Nov

Ever Young

James Barnor

Autograph ABP presents the first comprehensive exhibition of James Barnor's street and studio photographs. His career spans more than sixty years and covers a remarkable period in history, bridging continents and photographic genres as it creates a transatlantic narrative.

17 Sep - 27 Nov

The Paris Albums

W.E.B. Du Bois

Exhibited in the UK for the first time, the Paris Albums present a selection of 230 portraits that W.E.B. Du Bois compiled for the volume Types of American Negroes, Georgia USA. Retrospectively, this remarkable collection of photographs can be read as the origins of a visual construction of a new African-American identity. As such, it provided an extraordinary insight into the conditions of black culture at the end of the nineteenth century, only thirty five years after the abolition of slavery. All images courtesy of the Prints & Photographic Division, Library of Congress, Washington, DC.

08 Oct - 04 Nov

Events & Talks

8 October 6.30pm
Keynote Lecture: Shawn Michelle Smith presents ‘Photography on the Colour Line: W.E.B. Du Bois’ photographs for the 1900 Paris Exposition’
9 October 1pm-5pm
Ever Young Studio at Rivington Place. An opportunity for visitors to be photographed by James Barnor in a recreation of his studio. Book at Rivington Place from 11am on the day.
12 October 6.30pm
Discussion: Collecting Photography moderated symposium on public and private collections with panel of guest speakers.
16 October 3pm
Artist Exhibition Tour. Photographer James Barnor discusses his life and work.
19 October 6.30pm
Talk: Carol Tulloch ‘Black Style and James Barnor’s Transatlantic Archive’.
23 October 12noon-5pm
Photography Road Show – call for submissions! Digitise your family albums and snapshots reflecting Britain’s culturally diverse heritage with a team of professionals, and become part of a growing archive.
4 November 6.30pm
Curator’s Exhibitions Tour Renee Mussai introduces both current exhibitions.
For more information see

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Ruby's Cafe


Hoxton Square, EC2A 3PB

Old Street

Daily Monday-Sunday 8am-8pm

18 Oct - 31 Oct - N/A

Shot in Shoreditch

Ben Fisher

Ben Fisher’s debut solo exhibition is a collection of portraits of characters he has come to know and love in London’s most creative quarter. Ben captures the wit, charm and spirit of his East London neighbours in and around his studios and the dark lanes of Charlotte Road. From the local purveyor of printed press to the eccentric creative’s of the London’s Ad agencies, this exhibition will involve and engage those who make Shoreditch what it is today.

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The Salvation Army HQ



St Pauls

Mon - Fri 10am - 5pm

20 Oct - 19 Nov

Standing Tall

Duane Bassoo

Standing Tall… facing stigma and taboo.

Duane Bassoo documents the struggle and bravery of India’s HIV infected children. Exhibited are series of striking portraits shot at local community hospital situated on the southern tip of India and run by one of East London’s oldest charities: The Salvation Army.

It’s estimated that a staggering 60,000 children are born with HIV/AIDS in India each year alone. And as this epidemic rapidly encroaches into the lives of both families and small community, a new generation is now left facing both uncertainty and misconceived prejudice.

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SH! Womens Store

020 7613 5458

57 Hoxton Square, N1 6PB

Old St

Mon- Sun, 12pm- 8pm

01 Nov - 30 Nov

Behind the Whip: Portraits and Words from the world of the Dominatrix

Maria Coletsis

Behind the Whip is a series of photographic portraits and interviews taken on location in the city and dungeon of each participating global Dominatrix by photographer Maria Coletsis. The photo essays within this book provide an intimate look at the women, their words, and the dungeons which make up this fast-growing subculture community. They discuss why they chose domination, who their clients are, the services they provide and the demand for them, and how their services uniquely represent the city in which they work. The photographs reveal an element of our culture which is manifest in the lives of these women. Coletsis invites the viewer to experience the rich and varied sexuality of a multi-racial group of strong, adventurous women.

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Shipton Street Gallery

020 7729 3739

4 Haig House, Shipton Street, E2 7RZ

Liverpool Street, Old Street tube, Bethnal Green, Buses 55, 48, 26

Sun 11am–2pm or by appointment

01 Oct - 24 Oct

Food keeps Body and Soul together

Astrid Schulz

‘Eat, everybody, food keeps body and soul together!’ This is what Astrid’s grandmother used to say before every family meal.

This ongoing series is bringing together Astrid’s passion for food and her previous career as a costume designer. Before each image concept was developed, most of the sitters were asked about their favorite meals. In other pictures the edible item is telling the viewer something about the sitter’s pastime…

In 2004 the series won the London Photographic Bronze Award in the category 'Beauty and Form'.

The exhibition is held in memory of Liese-Lotte Buck, who sadly died in 2009.


28 Oct - 18 Nov

NakedBritain/Naked Exposure

Anastasia Trahanas

These are self-portraits where there is no static formality; the subjects select location whether it is private, public, or intimate. This is an ongoing documenting body of work which I began early 2005 which takes a look at 'the self' as a raw individual as well as their response to society. The representation of 'the self' is portrayed with an element of exposing their 'identity', and whilst being bought up in a western society where clothing is a part of our attire, the shedding of garments symbolically adds to this element-as it is a vital part of acceptance

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Shoreditch Gallery

020 7729 7292

5 Hoxton Market, N1 6HG

Old Street tube, Shoreditch Church, Gt Eastern Street

Mon-Fri 8am-6pm, Sat 10am-4pm, Closed Sun

02 Oct - 29 Oct

Paris, New York, London

Paul Baldesare, John Benton-Harris, Peter Marshall

Work from three photographers, three major world cities and three decades with Paul Baldesare's theatrical off-beat caught street images from the City of London in the 1990s and Oxford St in the current decade, John Benton-Harris returning recently to his native New York with a digital camera and finding vibrant new colour compositions, and Peter Marshall's prosaic but poetic views from an artist's book he made of the streets of Paris's inner suburbs in the late 1980s.

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Shoreditch Town Hall Basement Galleries

(020) 7739 6176

Shoreditch Town Hall, 380 Old Street, London, EC1V 9LT

Old Street / Liverpool Street / Shoreditch High Street

9am - 6pm

05 Oct - 9am-6pm

Shot in Shoreditch

Ben Fisher

Ben Fisher’s debut solo exhibition is a collection of portraits on film of characters he has come to know and love in London’s most creative quarter. Ben captures the wit, charm and spirit of his East London neighbours in and around his studios and the dark lanes of Charlotte Road. From the local purveyor of printed press to the eccentric creative’s of London’s Ad agencies, this exhibition will involve and engage those who make Shoreditch what it is today.

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Siderotype Gallery 1


Taylor St Baristas, 125 Old Broad Street, London, EC2N 1AR

Bank or Liverpool St.

Monday to Friday 7am - 5pm

01 Oct - 30 Nov

Salt Harvest: Bonaire

Tom Hawkins

Bonaire is an island in the Netherlands Antilles chain, off the coast of Venezuela. One third of the island is devoted to the harvest of salt, and the huts of the colonial era slaves who worked the salt pans are preserved within the modern salt production facilities.

The silent slave dwellings and the obelisks that warned ships to avoid the area are neatly arranged along the coast, surrounded by the towering mounds of salt. It is a treeless, windswept, and curiously appealing place.

Sometimes the marks of our cultivation are both beautiful and terrifying.

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Siderotype Gallery 2


Taylor St Baristas, 1A New Street, London, EC2M 4TP


Mon - Fri, 7am - 5pm

01 Oct - 30 Nov

Our Infinite Day-trip

Darren Edwards

'Our Infinite Day-trip', an Arts Council England funded project begun on Sonora Island in Canada, is an ongoing project by artist Darren Edwards examining our collective longing for and exploitation of wilderness. The installation presents images in gold (chrysotype) and sculpture in neon.

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Sixty Seven A

07968 331 848, 07973 471 338, 07787 907 250

City Studios, 67a Dalston Lane, E8 2NG

Dalston Kingsland & Dalston Junction Stns

Wed-Sat 1pm-6pm and by appointment

04 Nov - 28 Nov

Small Things

Annie Collinge, Bella Fenning, Amy Gwatkin, Anna Leader.

Small Things is a group show by four photographers exploring the idea of scale and it's implications of proximity and intimacy.

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020 7621 9211

20 Bury Street, EC2A 5AX

Liverpool St

10am - 6pm

15 Sep - 14 Oct


Agnieszka Szellga

A series of photographs taken during a trip to Tamil Nadu in India showing fishermen at work.

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Spitalfields Traders Market

020 7377 1496

Brushfield Street, E1 6AA

Liverpool Street tube

Tues-Sun 10am-6pm

09 Oct - 10am-6pm

Photomonth Photofair

100 stalls and stands with photographers selling prints, galleries representing photographers, books, magazines, products, services, talks and walks. An ideal opportunity to see new work, buy prints, commission photographers and select images for exhibition. This event takes place in the busy Spitalfields Traders Market surrounded by shops, restaurants and cafes. To apply for a stall visit or email

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Standpoint Gallery

020 7739 4921

45 Coronet Street, N1 6HD

Old Street tube

Wed-Sat 12noon-6pm

05 Nov - 04 Dec

The Hidden Space

Astrid Busch, Anne Gathmann, Marcel Prüfert, Alexandra Schumacher, Julia Staszak

Five Berlin-based artists with growing international reputations present multi media installations incorporating photography, slide projections and video works.

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Stour Space Gallery

020 8985 7827

7 Roach Road, Fish Island, E3 2PA

Hackney Wick overground

Tues-Sun 11am-7pm

07 Oct - 14 Oct

Little White Lies

Uz Afza,l Fagner Bibiano, Myka baum, Karina Beltrán, Charlie Dutton, Craig M. Edwards, Teresa Eng, Katheryn Faulkner, Bruno Freitas De Oliveira, Eugenia Ivanissevich, Heidi Kayla, Isabel de Porcel, Raakhee Lakhtaria, Catherine Lindsay-Davies, Georgina McNamara, Olivia Milani, Arjuna Neuman, Bex Singleton, Natalia Skobeeva, Nick Smith, Rhod Walls

Examining the role of photographic images in our daily lives and understanding that with the introduction of digital photography and the mass use of imaging software, we can presume that the camera can now only lie. This idea is the starting point for this exhibition by the Super Mondays collective curated by Nick Smith.

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The Studio


3 Ravenscroft Street, off Hackney Road, E2 7SH

Old Street tube, Bus 55

Fri 6pm-8.30pm, Sat 12noon-6pm, Sun 10am-4pm

06 Nov - 07 Nov - Peer Review: Sat 6th November, 2pm. Guest Speaker Sun 7th November, 2pm.

NOTEBOOK 3: Working edit

Laura Braun, Heather McDonough, Melanie Stidolph, Carlos Saladen-Vargas

This exhibition in the artists' studio / darkroom focuses on the beginnings of major projects; presenting initial ideas, pushed to make stronger connections, within our own and wider bodies of work. The opening night on 5th November will feature a screening of invited artists' work, projected through the studio windows.

For more information please go to :

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07952 986696

57a Redchurch St, E2 7DJ

Shoreditch High St ELL, Liverpool St tube, buses 8, 388, 47, 48, 242, 344 etc etc

Wed - Sun, 12 - 6

05 Nov - 28 Nov

suddenly I am nowhere

Craig Andrews Isidro Ramirez and painters Sam Douglas Tom Owen James Ryan

Five artists in different disciplines - photography, film, painting and collage. Time enters all the work, compressed in very different ways, and space is made strange through multiple exposure, hypnotic repetition or encrustations of paint, or collage which combines the now of gestural paint with the then of the found photo; what we are seeing this minute is the present and the past fused into one (there is no time in the unconscious, Freud says). What is foregrounded is materiality: all attention focussed on the process, the reality of the object broken into through its own reproduction.

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Teasmith Gallery

020 7247 1333

6 Lamb Street, E1 6EA

Liverpool Street tube

Mon-Sun 11am-6pm

01 Oct - 20 Nov - Opening and Private view is on the 1st of October starts at 7pm.


Mariann Fercsik

Tornabarakony is a Hungarian disappearing village in the North of Hungary with one of the smallest population (only 12 inhabitants) in the country.
The exhibition focuses on the intimate connection between the inhabitants and their motherland.

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020 7739 1060

74 Kingsland Road, E2 8DL

Liverpool Street, Old Street tube

Mon-Fri 9am-7pm

21 Oct - 09 Nov

Dogs in cars

Martin Usborne

Martin Usborne has created a series of huge and haunting portraits of dogs looking out of closed car windows. The images are lit cinematically, many are taken at night or twilight and all are printed at an impressive scale so that the dogs’ eyes stare out at us in a powerful yet eerie way. The pictures are an exploration of the muteness of animals but also talk about human feelings of isolation and detachment.

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Toynbee Studios

020 7247 6943

28 Commercial Street, E1 6LS

Aldgate East/Liverpool Street tube


11 Sep - 12 Sep - 10:30am - 4:30pm

Street Photography & Camera Handling

Toby Smith

The Street Photography & Camera Handling workshop will equip you with essential camera handling tips and a correct approach to expand your photographic knowledge. We will boost your skill set giving you the creative freedom to successfully capture the city streets. See for more details.


01 Oct - 27 Nov - 2pm - 5:30pm


THE PHOTOMONTH ASSIGNMENT - <i>please note date changes</i>
Accept the photography assignment and submit your photos by the deadline 24/11.
Arrive on 27/11 to watch all submitted assignments presented on the big screen. Six finalists will be revealed on the day.
Each finalist will present their work to the expert panel and and a winner chosen. The photomonth assignment award includes an an opportunity to shoot with the Independent on Sunday, an exhibition at the Luxe and an SLR camera.
For more info see


09 Oct - 10am - 2:30pm

Street Photography Appreciation & Photowalk

David Gibson

Join David Gibson for an appreciation of Street Photography followed by a Photowalk around the East End.
The day begins with a presentation and discussion on street photographers of East London, including some of David's own photographs. David will then lead a three-hour Photowalk around East London revisiting the locations of some of the images discussed.
David will share his knowledge of street photography while walking with you and provide plenty of opportunities to take photos along the way. The Photowalk will finish up at the photomonth photofair in Spitalfields Market at 2:30pm.
For more info see


12 Oct - 7:30pm - 11pm

After Dark Photography Workshop

images - Toby Smith

Learn and experience the exciting and endlessly creative realm of night photography. In the capable hands of long exposure maestro Toby Smith, you will receive an intensive one-hour training session explaining the technical secrets and playful possibilities of night light. Following this, a walk through East London with hands-on advice and tuition, will give you the opportunity to experiment with photographing architecture and ambient light, ending at London Bridge.
Price: £99 per person
For more info see
Workshop duration: 3.5 hours


16 Oct - 17 Oct - 10:30am - 4:30pm

Street Photography & Camera Handling (digi SLR cameras)

Toby Smith

Street Photography & Camera Handling (digi SLR cameras)
The Street Photography & Camera Handling workshop will equip you with essential camera handling tips and a correct approach to expand your photographic knowledge. Over two days we will boost your skill set giving you the creative freedom to successfully capture the city streets through theory, practical and interactive activities outdoors. The workshop is lead by Toby Smith over a full weekend in Spitalfields, and you will never see the streets or your camera in the same light again!
For more info see


23 Oct - 24 Oct - 10:30am - 4:30pm

HD video workshop with SLR cameras

Pablo Antoli

An introduction to cinematography workshop to help you discover the High Definition video capabilities of your DLSR camera. Over two days you will learn key technical considerations as well as basic cinematography skills to make the most of your HD-enabled camera. This workshop is aimed at photographers who are comfortable shooting stills with their digital SLR camera but looking to expand their knowledge of moving image.
For more info see


20 Nov - 21 Nov - 10:30am - 4:30pm

Street Photography & Camera Handling (digi SLR cameras)

Toby Smith

Street Photography & Camera Handling (digi SLR cameras)
The Street Photography & Camera Handling workshop will equip you with essential camera handling tips and a correct approach to expand your photographic knowledge. Over two days we will boost your skill set giving you the creative freedom to successfully capture the city streets through theory, practical and interactive activities outdoors. The workshop is lead by Toby Smith over a full weekend in Spitalfields, and you will never see the streets or your camera in the same light again!
For more info see

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Toynbee Studios

0121 663 0101

28 Commercial Street, E1 6AB

Aldgate East

11am - 6pm

23 Oct

The Crossing

The Speakers: Michelle Sank, David Birkitt, Simon Roberts, Christian Payne, David White, Benjamin Chesterton

Continuing the theme of the 2010 Rhubarb International Photography Festival, this one day event considers the shifting terrain of the contemporary image world and what will be necessary for photographers to embrace to fulfill their creative aspirations and goals. The Crossing asks one question – are you going to stay where you are, live in the past, or cross over into the new world offered to photographers through technology, tenacity and a mind shift around what is possible and how it can be achieved?

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The Triangle Project Space

07768 080 605

129-131, Mare Street, London, E8 3RH

Bethnal Green Tube, Bus D6, 26, 48, 55, 106, 236, 277, 254, 388.

Thurs 7 Oct 9.30am-8pm, Fri 8-Wed 13 Oct 9.30am - 4.30pm

07 Oct - 13 Oct


Annabelle Dalby, Joe Duggan, Marysa Dowling, Angus Leadley-Brown, Bill Osment, Nana Varveropoulou.

Hold Up brings together 6 internationally acclaimed contemporary art photographers based in East London. Each of whom has a strong visual signature and an individual way of working. They are drawn together for this exhibition by a unified need to reveal the truth of what is seen and unseen through the medium of photography.

Hold Up offers the viewer a first time opportunity to see new works by some of the finest exponents working in the field of art photography today.

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Trinity Buoy Wharf


64 Orchard Place, E14 0JW

East India DLR

PV 15th October 7-10pm then by appointment 10am to 8pm

11 Oct - 31 Oct - By appointment 10am to 8pm

Berlin Suite: The Battle of Schlossplatz

Patrick Lears

Photographs made during a residency at Centrum, Berlin in February 2010.

A pictorial and temporal realization of the physical detritus on a historically active site in central Berlin.

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Troika Editions Gallery

020 7833 2330

96 Farringdon Road, EC1R 3EA

Farringdon or King's Cross

Tues-Fri 11am-5.00pm, Sat & Sun 12pm-4pm

05 Oct - 14 Nov

RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW: Exposures in the Public Realm

katrin Koenning, Jae-Hee Schin [aka] Schinster, Kurt Tong,

FORMAT International Photography Festival presents Jae Hee Schin, Katrin Koenning & Kurt Tong in a preview of the 2011 Exposure Festival. These artists are winners of the Troika Editions FORMAT Exposure Prize, awarded to three outstanding series entered in the FORMAT Exposure competition. Each artist offers their response to working in public spaces. From Kurt Tong's look at issues of security effecting the professional photographer when working on the street; Schinster’s exacting recreations of people moving through public spaces to Koenning’s beautiful observations, capturing pedestrians as they walk into the sunlight; this exhibition highlights interesting approaches to street photography.

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V&A Museum Of Childhood

020 8983 5200

Cambridge Heath Road, E2 9PA

Bethnal Green tube

Daily 10am-5.45pm

03 Sep - 01 Feb

Doll Face

Craig Deane

A series of portraits by photographer Craig Deane, depicting a variety of dolls from the Museum's extensive behind-the-scenes collection. Craig explains, "As a portrait and still-life photographer I am interested in the representation of the human form; mankind's desire to make images and objects in its own likeness is as old as the hills and I am particularly interested in exploring the evolving representations we have made of ourselves (and given to our children to play with) as illustrated by the broad spectrum of dolls held in the 8,000-strong collection at the Museum".


07 Oct - 6pm-8pm

10 to 11 A Photographic Study of Growing Up

Heather McDonough

Heather McDonough launches her show of portraits of children as they leave primary school, and the secret and naive world of early childhood, for something altogether tougher & more challenging.


30 Oct - 31 Oct - 11am-4pm

Photomonth Portfolio Review

An opportunity for photographers to showcase their work to curators, publishers, picture editors, gallerists, agents, directors and established artists. Each participant may sign up to two twenty minute slots on a first come first served basis. £30/£25 concessions. Booking opens 1 October. Apply by email only to

Reviewers include:
Katy Barron – Curator, Purdy Hicks Gallery
Sophie Batterbury – Picture Editor, Independent on Sunday
David Birkitt – Director, DMB Media UK
Emma Boyd – Project Co-ordinator, Autograph ABP
Stefanie Braun – Curator, Photographers Gallery
Bruno Ceschel – Director, Self Publish, Be Happy
Jessica Crombie – Picture Editor, WaterAid
Bridget Coaker – Director, Troika Editions
Rachel Francis – Assistant Curator of Photographs, V&A Museum
Miranda Gavin – Deputy Editor, Hotshoe Magazine
Emily Graham – Co-odinator, Contact Editions
Lauren Heinz – Editor Foto8 Magazine
Jenny Matthews – Photographer
Robert Moye – Deputy Director, V&A Museum of Childhood
Renee Mussai – Archive Project Manager, Autograph ABP
Hector Proud – Managing Director, Idea Generation
Yasmin Reggad – Director, Photo-Festivals/Foto-Festivals Ltd
Anna Stevens – Co-director, Contact Editions
Dianne Smyth – Deputy Editor, BJP
Jacqui Wald – Managing Editor, Camera Press
Hannah Watson – Director, Trolley Books
Rhonda Wilson – Director, Rhubarb-Rhubarb
Lorna Webb – Company Manager, Rhubarb-Rhubarb

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Venetia's Coffee Shop

55 Chatsworth Road, E5 0LH

Homerton – London Overground

8am -5pm 7 days a week

09 Oct - 27 Nov


Marc Provins

Horizon is a set of photographic portraits that explore the human urge to be by the sea.

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The View Tube

07834 275 687

The Greenway, Marshgate Lane , E15 2PJ

Pudding Mill Lane

9 - 5pm

26 Sep - 11:30am - 3pm

Olympic Park Photocycle

Ed Robinson

Join Ed Robinson for a bicycling adventure ride along the canals and Greenway to the Olympic Park. You'll have opportunities to stop off along the way to take photos with an expert right beside imparting tips and tricks for improving your photography skills. You will have lunch (included) at the View Tube and with exclusive access to the look out point and education suite upstairs. Share in Ed's knowledge and experience in the field as a picture editor at the Financial Times and learn how your images can be used commercially. Plus you will hear some mind boggling facts about 2012.

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The Vintage Emporium

0207 7390 799

14 Bacon Street (off Brick Lane), E1 6LF

Shoreditch High Street/Aldgate East tube

10am - 10pm

15 Nov - 19 Nov

Under The Apple Tree

There is a room in East London where memories wait to be discovered. Moments frozen in time, captured in photographs, letters, journals and radio broadcasts. If you listen carefully, voices are telling their tales of life in war time Britain, stories of ordinary people facing extraordinary circumstances. Visitors will be transported back to 1940s life, free to rummage through boxes of memories and flick through photo albums, left on tables and put away on shelves. The accompanying audio for the exhibition can be downloaded at On Friday 19th a live performance based on the interviews will take place, visit the website for more details.

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The Visual Arts Centre

01708 447 368 ext 238

Frances Bardsley School, Brentwood Road, Romford, Essex, RM1 2RR

Romford Train Station, Hornchurch Tube Station, Buses 193, 165 or 294

Tue - Fri 9:30am - 4:30pm

12 Nov - 03 Dec - The Launch Night ‘A Hole Evening With Justin Quinnell’ will take place on Thursday 18th November, 6-8pm (Justin Quinnell will be speaking about his work from 7pm) Tickets are £3 payable in advance For tickets or further information please

Aristotle's Hole

Justin Quinnell The Launch Night ‘A Hole Evening With Justin Quinnell’ will take place on Thursday 18th November, 6-8pm (Justin Quinnell will be speaking about his work from 7pm) Tickets are £3 payable in advance For tickets or further information please contact the VAC.

An exhibition of pinhole photographs by Justin Quinnell featuring a display of his mouth images and a set of giant images taken with his wheelie bin pinhole camera. These giant, 4" x 3" paper negatives cannot be reproduced and feel more like paintings. They can be viewed as positives using the inverse or negative setting on camera phones instantly combining old and new technologies. The difficulty and uncertainty in taking these images relates closely to the challenges of early photography, the process of washing away any automation, enabling the photographer to rediscover real feeling for the action of light.

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Vyner Street Gallery

07970 484316, 07966422868

23 Vyner Street, E2 9DG

Bethnal Green tube & station, Cambridge Heath station

Daily 11am-6pm except Thurs 3rd Dec 11am-9pm

04 Oct - 10 Oct

South West Graduate Photography Prize 2010

Kirsty Gash Plymouth College of Art Sarah Jackson University of Plymouth Celine Smith Univeristy College Falmouth Kirsty Thomas University of Plymouth Teo Ormand-Skeaping Univeristy College Falmouth Amelia Stewart University of West England, Bristol

The works reveal six unique photographic perspectives that evolved during the final year of a degree programme and offer a glimpse of the high quality of artistic practice emerging from the region.
For more information about the South West Graduate Photography Prize contact:


13 Oct - 16 Oct - Private View: 6-9pm 16th October 2010 Performance 8pm

We, in some strange power's employ, move on a vigorous line

Neil McNally

New work by recent graduate of the Royal College of Art. Four shows in four days.

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Whitechapel Gallery

020 7522 7888

77-82 Whitechapel High Street, E1 7QX

Aldgate East, Liverpool Street tube

Tues-Sun 11am-6pm, Thurs until 9pm

15 Oct - 01 Jan

Miraculous Beginnings

Walid Raad

One of the most important artists from the Middle East, Walid Raad says his work 'was in some ways made possible by the wars in Lebanon'. A series of monochrome blue photographs, the negatives for which were found under the rubble of war-ravaged Beirut, hide the images of anonymous men and women found dead in the Mediterranean. 24 black-and-white photographs provide the only record of the journey the historian Dr Fadl Fakhruri took across Europe. Upon their arrival in Lebanon all the works scheduled for a major retrospective are found to have shrunk to one hundredth of their original size. These are just some of the stories that accompany the photographs and video works produced by Raad in his various art projects as founder member of ‘The Atlas Group’.


18 Nov - 7pm

Photomonth Lecture

Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin

Drawing upon their practice and examining the adoption and manipulation of archive and documentary photography by contemporary visual artists such as Walid Raad, arts duo Oliver Chanarin and Adam Broomberg present their work and address the question: Is it possible to photograph war?
Tkts £6/£4 concs. Booking 020 7522 7888 email

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Wilton’s Music Hall

020 7702 9555

1 Graces Alley, London, E1 8JB

Shadwell tube

Mon-Fri 10am-10pm

18 Oct - 22 Oct

Circus Theatre

Hannah Edy

Every two years a competition takes place for emerging circus artists throughout Europe. The UK premiere of Jeunes Talents Cirque Europe was held in Stratford, East London in Feb 2010 showcasing seven troupes of contemporary circus artists performing to a jury. New circus theatre fuses astounding physical skill with theatre, opera, digital technologies, visual art, live music and dance. Often performed in theatres, venues, and specific sites as well as in traditional circus tents. The collection shows images from the competition and contemporary circus theatre over the past year.

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The Women's Library

020 7320 2222

London Metropolitan University, Old Castle Street, E1 7NT

Aldgate East tube

Thusday 11 November 10am- 6pm.

11 Nov - 10am- 6pm.

One day seminar: The Loving Gaze

Seminar Participants: Paul Hill MBE - Teacher/practitioner/author and founder both of the post-graduate photography programme at De Montfort University and "The Photographer's Place", Derbyshire. Paul will discuss his book about his wife, published in November 2010, entitled "Corridor of Uncertainty" Emmanuelle Dirix - Lecturer in Critical Issues at LCF, Winchester School of Art, The Royal College of Art, The Fashion Academy, Antwerp and Central St. Martins, London. Her talk will discuss "The Loving Gaze - In and Out of Context" Christopher Hauke - Jungian analyst, writer, film-maker and Senior Lecturer in applied psychoanaytic studies at Goldsmiths, University of London. His talk will discuss "The Loving Gaze - People and Places" Robin Grierson - will show his "Family Photographs", previously published in Granta Magazine and "Family - Photographer's Photograph their Families", Phaidon Press Heather McDonough - will show images of her mother and her parent's home taken around the uncertain and transitional time of her mother's terminal illness Melanie Stidolf - will discuss the personal photographs of her husband that are also intended for public viewing in order to raise associated issues Seminar organised and led by: Susan Andrews - Photographer/Senior Lecturer and MA Photography course leader, Sir John Cass School of Art, Media and Design Fiona Yaron-Field - photographer/co- editor of "Uncertain States"and author of "Up Close - A mother's View"

"The Loving Gaze" will look at the work of some photographers who have regularly photographed those whom they love as part of their practice as artists. It will ask how this "intimate gaze" differs from the "detached gaze" of for example, the documentary or fashion photographer or the artist or academic whose intention is more objective. It will also address the problematics of shifting the context from private to public and the motivation, conscious and unconscious of making this work for public consumption.

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Woolfson & Tay


12 Bermondsey Square, London, SE1 3UN

London Bridge

Tues - Sat 11am - 7pm, Sun 11am - 3pm

14 Sep - 10 Oct

Truth & Lies

Jillian Edelstein

Jillian Edelstein spent four years attending hearings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission up and down South Africa. She set up her camera in makeshift studios in rooms next door to where the hearings were held and visited people at home in the townships or deep in the countryside to take their portraits and listen to their stories. The selected images within this exhibition is a collective portrait of a country which, between the Sixties and Nineties, was engaged in a vicious struggle in which thousands were abducted, tortured and killed.

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Woolfson & Tay


12 Bermondsey Square, London, SE1 3UN

London Bridge

Tues - Sat 11am - 7pm, Sun 11am - 3pm

12 Oct - 07 Nov - 12 Oct 2010. 7 pm

Time Out On Holiday Street (AIDS In Ukraine)

Simon Crofts

This series of portraits looks at some of the rarely-glimpsed people who, in one way or another, tend to AIDS patients in Kiev - parents, doctors, nurses, social workers, telephone helpline operators and so on. Many face discrimination for having contact with the infected due to widespread public ignorance, and many do not tell friends and neighbours where they work. These portraits are a testament to those who work on Holiday Street, and to the immense personal sacrifices they make every day. Exhibition launch and public talk on 12 Oct, 7 pm, with Oksana Shved of EveryChild Ukraine. £5/C £3

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Woolfson & Tay Gallery


12 Bermondsey Square, SE1 3UN

London Bridge

Tue - Sun 11am - 7pm

09 Nov - 05 Dec - 9th of November 7 pm to 9 pm

Traveller Life

Kirstine Fryd

Kirstine Fryd has spent the past year documenting Irish Travellers. In March 2009, she knocked on several doors on various settlements in South London. One family opened their door and invited her in. Since then, she has stayed with them on multiple occasions and joined them on many family celebrations, allowing her a glimpse into this elusive yet rich, vibrant and colourful culture.

The photographs in this exhibition explore the joys and challenges of Traveller life even as the familiar world around them continues to change. Poignant moments offer rare glimpses into Traveller vulnerability and silence.

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Zoe Bingham Fine Art

+44 (0) 7920 520 777

22 John Street, WC1N 2BY

Chancery Lane & Russell Square Tubes, Buses 19, 38, 243, 55, 341

By Appointment Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 6pm

04 Sep - 23 Oct


Mimi Youn

Mememimi is Mimi Youn’s first solo UK selling exhibition - an autobiographical series of Polaroids and limited edition prints created by the young artist between 2007 and 2009. Youn was born in 1981, in An-dong, South Korea. She is an artist who obsessively documents her everyday life and experiences with friends around the world through the instant medium of the Polaroid. With similar existential concerns to photographers such as Nan Goldin and Wolfgang Tillmans, it is raw emotion that she seeks to capture.
Mimi Youn graduated from The Slade School of Fine Art, with a MFA in Fine Art in 2008.


06 Nov - 23 Dec

Night / Shift

Lynn Saville

New York-based photographer Lynn Saville will be showing her first solo UK exhibition at the gallery to showcase prints available from the book published by Random House / Monacelli Press in 2009. Night/Shift is a series of color photographs of offbeat New York cityscapes taken at twilight and dawn. Subdued tones and shadows reveal a geometry hidden beneath the visual distractions of daylight, creating an unsettling and evocative alternative view of the city. Lynn Saville (b. 1950, Durham, North Carolina) lives and works in New York City. Educated at Duke University and the Pratt Institute, USA.

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